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Junior Moore explores art with ‘Broken Pieces’ - Tamlins member pays homage to reggae’s ‘fallen soldiers’ in Water Lane mural

Published:Saturday | November 28, 2020 | 12:08 AMKrysta Anderson/Staff Reporter
Junior Moore points proudly to his mural ‘Broken Pieces’, one of ten unveiled on Water Lane in downtown, Kingston.
Junior Moore points proudly to his mural ‘Broken Pieces’, one of ten unveiled on Water Lane in downtown, Kingston.

Veteran reggae artiste Junior Moore has been working on a new melody these days. Moore’s ‘Broken Pieces’ was one of 10 murals unveiled on Wednesday, on the vibrant street of Water Lane in downtown, Kingston.

Moore is a member of The Tamlins, which was formed in the late 1960s. The popular reggae vocal group sang backup for reggae legend Peter Tosh. The trio also rocked a reggae rendition of Nina Simone’s hit song, Baltimore, and released several other tracks and albums.

While he gained popularity for knowing his way around notes, he is by no means a stranger to visual arts. The multi-talented musician also possessed other skills, like drawing, which he didn’t hesitate to explore. Starting out with pencils, Moore quickly worked his way up to painting. “I used to go around and look at other artists’ work to see which piece was the best work,” he told The Gleaner. Today, he creates masterpiece murals for art lovers and newcomers to see.

The concept of ‘Broken Pieces’ is rooted in the island’s rich culture of reggae. The work of art, he says, pays homage to the fallen soldiers of the music industry. “A lot of musicians used to be down here in the 1950s and 1960s. A lot of them passed away. So this is to honour those who did such good work,” he revealed.

The sun, visible above colourful musical instruments, is symbolic of the passing of these artistes. It highlights, too, that, through the sunrise and sunset, their music lives on forever. Moore shared, “My piece stands out because I try to be perfect with my work. I know there is no such thing as perfect, but I try to come close to that”.

Just last month, The Tamlins performed at Kingston Creative’s virtual art walk event held on Water Lane. With the sidewalk as their main stage, they delivered a sweet, easy skanking performance, with Moore’s ‘Broken Pieces’ as the group’s magnificent backdrop. “Singing and art really go together. So I guess you can say I am a well-rounded artist,” said Moore with a hearty laugh.

He hopes that his timeless musical journey can move persons who view the piece.