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Date makeup: Doing it right

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
For a flirtier affair, like dinner for two or hitting the club scene, you can play with colours and use your eyes to captivate your date. Remember, if you make your eyes the main feature, tone your lips down to balance the look. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

Rochelle Keane Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writers

Whether it's for a great first impression or a recurring special occasion, getting all dolled for a date can increase your chances of making, keeping or rekindling that love connection.

And ladies, what better way to accentuate a hot outfit than by making a statement with equally smoking and alluring make-up? The dress you would wear for a formal occasion is not the same one you would wear to the movies so why should your make-up be? It is important that your make-up complements your overall look.

Flair Magazine has enlisted the help of veteran make-up artist Paul March to demonstrate the appropriate looks for the appropriate date.

Day looks

The day look is all about keeping it toned and as close to natural as possible. No need for too many bright or dark colours that will overpower your features, placing unnecessary attention on your eyelids instead of your eyes. Remember, you want your eyes to speak for you so you can't let them get lost. Use earthtones for your eyeshadow like golds or browns, even a subtle orange, but no reds, blues or greens.

Business lunch

When trying to impress your partner's boss, less is definitely more. Allow your skin to glow. A light gloss for the lips in a shade as close to your skin tone as possible or one that has a hint of pastel pink. Deep-shade lipsticks like reds, purples or pinks are nice, but sometimes it can give the lips a look that may not be suitable for the occasion.

Lunch date

Some men love the edge that red lips can give, while others may find it a little too forward. For this occasion, let your lips be as soft and as neutral as possible. A peck on the cheek or even a kiss goodbye can go a long way if there is no stain left on his skin.

Spontaneous road trip

Now ladies, we know you love it when your boyfriend or husband says, "Pack your bags, we're going on a road trip". Well, be sure to include beauty on that journey. Black eyeliner makes your eyes pop and if its a case of fun in the sun, we recommend bb cream since it works as a sunscreen, and some nude gloss, or even Baby Lips to enhance your look.

Dinner for two

The evening look is all about being classy and elegant yet bold. Smokey eyes or striking red lips may just be what you need to take the night from the restaurant to the bedroom.

The same can be said for going out for drinks. If it's a first date, the right make-up will make him want to know more about you, so work on featuring mysterious eyes and full lips, be it soft or strong.


Let's address this for a minute - yes, you want to look cute! And yes, you can wear make-up! With that said, you can keep the edge and catch him with your eyes, but remember the theatre is going to be dark. If it is that you plan to extend the date to round two, say going for drinks, dinner or just a quiet stroll, just you and him, then you can do a bit more.

Clubbing, concert, shows or plays

If it's dancing the night away or just for laughs, make the evening magical with a captivating look. Play around with colours, but don't be afraid to go bold with dark shades and some smokiness in the mix. The brighter the lips, the softer the eye, while the brighter the eyeshadows, the softer the lip colour. Pick one feature and make that the centrepiece; everything else should function as your background, enhancing the overall picture.

Wedding day

We know that under normal circumstances a bride does not do her own make-up, but she ought to have a say in how she will look on one of the most important days of her life. He is marrying you, so try to keep your look as close to you and your personality as possible. Highlight your strongest features - cheekbones, eyes or lips and run with it. If you're someone driven to tears of joy, try to use make-up with more staying power like an airbrushed look or keep your make-up artist right next to your maid of honour for whenever you need any last-minute beauty touch-ups.

Date Makeup Shoot Credit

Creative directors: Krysta Anderson and Rochelle Keane

Photographer: Gladstone Taylor

Make-up artist: Paul March.

Tel: 840-5420

Models: Ashley Chin and Jo-Ann Neil