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Tying the 'knot'

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A double knot from two cherry stems. - Photos by Rochelle Keane
Two cherry stems before becoming one.

Rochelle Keane & Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writers

Whenever you hear the phrase 'tying the knot', you think of a wedding and walking down the aisle. But we are talking about tying a different kind of knot - the one which involves the cherry on top.Tying the knot with something as small as a cherry stem is one subtle yet interesting trick women execute that men cannot get enough of. Their admiration stems from curiosity, and if completed flawlessly, leads to visual stimulation.

But what is the deal with their constant fascination upon discovering a woman's natural talent? Flair decided to find out from a few of our readers just how important 'tying the knot' is to affairs between the sheets. Here is what they had to say on the matter:

Tying the knot is all about taking your time, being patient and getting the loop right. It does have its advantages in the bedroom and adds allure and mystery for those who are captivated by its charm.

- M.V., female, 24

If a woman can do it discreetly, it's even more surprising to sit and watch her do it.

- S.H., male, 28

I know not everyone can do it, so a woman who can is very articulate and must have some tongue skills.

- S.C., female, 25

It is the attention to detail. If she can pay close attention to something as small as a cherry stem, then imagine what she can do to a man's most intimate parts. Dealing with such a delicate matter takes time and great skills. When you see a woman accomplish that, it shows that she takes time to concentrate.

- B.L., male, 27

I don't know what the craze is about tying the knot. It seems to get a man all riled up once he finds out that a woman has those skills. I do see the benefit of tying the knot now that through patience, concentration and determination, I overcame the challenge, but I truly believe that it does not affect your standings in the bedroom, if you are a good kisser, then you will be, with or without tying the knot.

- C.A., female, 27

It is sexy for one, and two, it shows she has a great tongue. I've actually done a comparative test and it has been proven that women who can tie a knot are better 'kissers' than those who can't, if you know what I mean.

- A. H., male, 29

The reason a man is so enchanted by the idea of tying the knot is because immediately what comes to his mind is what else she can do with her tongue.

- I.F., female, 35

It would be a talking point definitely for me, but if it is all about tying the knot from that standpoint, then it will stay as just talk. I'm more leaning towards finding a woman I can officially tie the knot with, if you get what I am saying.

- D.K., male, 33

I actually tried it because I realised how fascinated men were with it. I got it on the first try, and though I really don't understand the big deal about it is, I like to see a man's reaction to it. So if I need to change the mood, I will pop that cherry and tie that knot. Wink, wink.

- V.L., female, 30

Tying a knot is not a talent, it is a gift, a God-blessed gift. Women need not learn to wash, cook and clean - once you can tie the knot, you're in the clear, future is set. You know what is better than tying a knot with their tongue - tying two knots, believe me.

- D.R., male, 26