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10 must-haves in a woman's handbag

Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 Text and photos by Jody-Anne Lawrence

Bags have long moved beyond a portable satchel to weight-lifting devices that women lug around daily. But with all this extra space, are we really carrying what is essential? Flair did its research and here are a few essentials that EVERY woman should have in her handbag.


There are times when a sanitiser alone just will not do. There are times when our digit needs go beyond a sanitiser. They are the perfect moist companion.

Mouthwash or breath mints

Think about a date and you just had fish or something with garlic, you do not want to be smelling or tasting that food for the rest of the night. This is where a breath mint comes in handy. A woman should always have one of these. Need we say more?

Mini sewing kit

Sometimes you lose a button or pull a hem or have a slit. A mini sewing kit will fix all wardrobe malfunctions. Remember what happened to Janet Jackson at the super bowl half-time show?


We tend to put our hands in our faces way too often, and sometimes after you pay for that meal, the last thing you want to do is go to the bathroom (your hands still might not be that clean after leaving. Sanitisers offer the convenience of getting squeaky hands without going to the restroom.


Things have a way of failing us and sometimes our trusty devices may be too low on battery to make a necessary note or jot down that number. It is always good to have your manual backup - a pen and small note pad.

Cellular phone

Yes I said it - a cell phone. Let's be honest, we all know this is our constant companion. Besides, they can be of great help during an emergency.

feminine supplies

Feminine needs include everything from pads to panty liners. As women, we work hard and sometimes our cycle does not follow its natural trend and having these necessities at our disposal is a must for unpleasant surprises.

Get-vex money

Every woman should have some amount of cash. Even if it's just a date - her 'get-vex money'. In case you don't drive and you are going on a date, it is always wise to have that get vex money when your date turns out to be a complete 'fool'. You can get up and leave knowing very well you do not have to depend on him for a ride home.

Lip gloss

A woman should always have lip gloss or balm in her purse. Cracked, blistered lips are not attractive, and even if you wear lipstick, some brands tend to dry out your lips because they are made to colour not moisturise. So get a soothing balm or gloss you can reapply that will help keep those kissers soft and smooth.


We have many high-stress days and with today's hectic life, aches and pains are inevitable. From cramps to stress headaches, you know what works best for you, so never leave behind your trusty friend.