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Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 I will never forget how I felt that morning holding the prescription. I couldn't't believe that he had lied to me about this woman. I had asked him, time and time again, and he kept telling me, I listen to my "chatty-chatty friends" too much. At one point, he even called me delusional. He made me apologise to him for doubting him and questioning his integrity. I had felt so bad for listening to these women, and now, clear as the morning sky, they hadn't lied.

I called him out as he lay fast asleep on our bed, and he just turned to the other side. I remember pushing him, but he didn't budge, so I slapped him. This got his attention quickly and he jumped up asking if I was crazy. I handed him the prescription and said one word "explain".

He kept looking from the prescription to me and back again. Then he said, "It's not what you are thinking so calm down." I started laughing, I couldn't stop. What else could this mean? Was this man really going to play that card with me? Dylan looked straight at me and said, "It isn't my child. I am just helping out a situation."

Things went downhill from there and I remembered thinking that I had to get out of the house fast. I saw myself behind bars. I saw my head being placed in the guillotine because I knew if he continued lying to me, my neighbours would be calling 119.

He had the nerve to tell me that he had never had sex with this woman. She was just someone he knew from the neighbourhood and he was just helping her to get some vitamins. Was that really the best that he could come up with? He must really think I was gullible or just plain stupid. That's when I lost it, because I slapped him so hard my hand hurt for days, and I got the hell out the house.