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From message to matrimony: The fated Drysdale love story

Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Here comes the bride, Kristain, escorted down the aisle by her father.
Kareem speaks of his undying love to his wife, who is captivated by him.
Celebrating with the newly-weds are (from left) father of the groom Lebert Drysdale and the groom's stepmother, Ann.
It's a family affair with the bride's family (from left), brother Paul Simpson, father Harris Simpson, mother Christine Simpson and sister Chris-ann Simpson-Harley.
Parents of the bride, Harris and Christine Simpson, share this joyous moment with their daughter and new son.
Never a dull moment for The Drysdales with their bridal party (from left) Mark Harley, Kimberly Ferguson, Dave Richards, Chrisandra Grant, Dr Tamara Tomlinson, Floyd Thompson, Mario Orantes, Dr Cynara Smith, Gershom Reyes, Benita Douse, Paul Simpson, Dr Chris-ann Simpson-Harley.
A vision to behold, surrounded by nieces and nephews, the newly-weds could not be happier.
The couple's five-tier cake baked with love by the mother of the bride and adorned with petals.

Krysta Anderson and Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writers

Love was a mutually hidden message embedded in the hearts of Kareem Drysdale and Khristain Simpson, who had no idea that their futures would become so intertwined.

On July 26 the two were joined in holy matrimony at the University of the West Indies Chapel, the culmination of a conversation that began on Facebook.

The two met on Facebook in 2009. He was living in Canada and was looking for her sister, and contacted her to do so.

One day, while clearing out her inbox, she stumbled upon the message from Kareem. "I hadn't remembered him asking for my sister's BBM pin. Trying to contact my sister at the time would have been hopeless, so I added him to my BBM so that I could just send him her contact card once I spoke to her. I just did not realise we would end up being such good friends."

One conversation between the two easily led to another, and pretty soon, Khristain felt like she had a best friend, even though they were thousands of miles apart. One night before the two even thought about dating each other, Kareem said to her, "In two years I'm going to marry you."

Naturally, she thought he was crazy, after she had explicitly stated that she had no interest in dating him. But Kareem was determined, sticking to his guns and Khristain began fighting a losing battle with her feelings.

After Skyping for five months, their virtual relationship transcended to the physical when Khristain flew to Vancouver to see and be with the man who stole her heart. "We were sooo nervous. The virtual got real. After meeting me at the airport with huge flowers, the blushing and butterflies aside, he treated me to a candlelit dinner for two at The Boathouse in White Rock, British Columbia, two nights later. Both the cuisine and the connection were just amazing."

As they celebrated their two-year milestone, distance got the best of Khristain and second-guessing became second nature. Close friends and family members tolerated the venting while they tried to conceal the secret proposal Kareem was planning.

One night out with her friends, the complaining continued. This time it took to new heights since she had not heard from him, and was not aware of where he was and what he was doing. Kareem secretly snuck up behind her, listened to her bickering and to her surprise, he tapped her shoulder and asked her if she was finished. Screams of yes and tears of joy followed the most important question of the night, sealing their fate as soon-to-be husband and wife.

The Wedding

White carpet, marital arch, in a sea of burnt orange, gold and white, the Drysdale wedding was a sight to behold. The ceremony was traditional by nature, as the two basked in marital bliss, declaring their unconditional love for each other, while exchanging vows and rings - the symbol of their unending love - in a ceremony before an intimate gathering of close family members and friends.

A dimly lit tent with hanging crystals sheltered the reception which included a three-course meal fit for kings and queens.

Toasts from well-wishers filled the air, but the highlight of the night came from the beautiful bride. For entertainment, she serenaded him in song, expressing her love and complete submission to him. He was pleasantly surprised by her performance.

As the clock struck midnight, the dance floor was open for all to take part in the festivities and celebrations of Mr and Mrs Drysdale.