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New spa in town

Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Phillips showing how to apply blush for a finished look. - Ian Allen/Photographer
Laurie Chin in her all-natural look done by Phillips.
Laurie Chin in her all-natural look done by Phillips. {FLAIRbeauty
The bamboo room.
Step into simple tranquility at Tonez Beau A Trois. - photos by Ian Allen/Photographer
Liquid liner, eyeshadows and mascara are a girl's best friend, but it's even better if the products are all-natural, and Palladio is.
Gold, black, dramatic, sleek and edgy is how Tonij Phillips expresses her art form. - Contributed

Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writer

Oasis, a place in the middle of a desert that appears when you least expect it, can be used for replenishing and rejuvenating one's body and soul from the stresses that present themselves.

Such a place has opened its doors, not in a desert, but on West King's House Road, in the form of Tonez Beau A Trois, providing cosmetics, spa and make-up services, with the aim of breaking down the myth that make-up is a mask, and instead building it up as a catalyst in the process of extracting and enchanting natural and existing beauty.

Providing the customer with a variety of high-quality beauty options in line with their taste and budget, this oasis will not only be personal but memorable because of the phenomenal experience that you can have.

Ultimate escape

Accommodating the ultimate escape from the mundane, Tonez Beau A Trois serves up a plateau of scented combinations that exude timelessness, massages that conquer the concaves of stress, and scrubs and wraps that ooze calmness. Spa services include the regulars such as Swedish, aromatherapy and hot stone massages to something new like the bamboo and hot lava shell massages that restore, rejuvenate and relaxe mind, body and soul.

The bamboo massage can be used as a treatment for athletes or just if you are in training, and your muscles get tight. It has many health benefits and assists in relieving sore muscles, stretching the ligaments, relieving osteoarthritis, improving blood circulation and boosting the immune system.

The hot lava shell massage is much like the hot stone massage except that the shells never lose their heat. These shells were handpicked from the Philippines, and are used with a blend of salts and minerals that heat the shells. This massage is good for rejuvenating the skin.

At just 23 years old, Tonji Phillips is the entrepreneur and beauty therapist behind this innovative experience, with six years' experience and training in make-up artistry. Receiving her training both locally and internationally, Phillips has become an active participant in The Makeup Show in Los Angeles, New York and Florida.

"Initially coming out of school, I thought why not get into interior designing. But I genuinely did not feel I was good enough for interior design. So I began to think, let's try fashion, and that is where it began. I got into make-up through modelling for a make-up artist, who later became my teacher - Jeneva Whorms. I am so grateful for her input in my life because she taught me the basics of make-up."

To keep abreast of the latest trends, Phillips travels to Los Angeles and New York to attend various seminars. It was at one of these seminars in Florida that opportunities began to rain down on her. "I was in Florida and was approached by a make-up artist who told me she loved my work, and was interested in the products I used. It was there that I was introduced to make-up connoisseurs Alee Cao of Cao Cosmetics. He looked through my portfolio and was surprised at my work. At the time, however, what they did not know was that I grew up with an artistic background - my father draws and my aunt is a hairstylist. He asked if I could fly to Los Angeles and attend a keynote hair and make-up seminar for educators. Of course, I was beside myself because I am 23 and I would be surrounded by some of Los Angeles' top educators on the subject."

Chance of a lifetime

Being afforded this chance of a lifetime, Phillips was able to learn more about the craft and the face. She told Flair, "similar to sculpting, applying make-up and being able to highlight and contour, you have to understand lighting and shadows".

Phillips is the exclusive Caribbean distributor for Cao Cosmetics and AJ Crimson. "AJ Crimson started like I did - behind the counter of someone else's make-up store. When I was 17 years old, I was hired in sales and customer care. The first day I was left in the store alone, I walked around and matched my foundation shades. I used this to my advantage and by day two, I was able to tell the customers shades before testing. I carry these brands because I believe it is important to carry products that work well with our climate and our skin tones. These brands make your make-up look as natural as your skin and I really think your make-up should have that appearance."

The depth of her knowledge in the industry, products and trends has resulted in exclusive contracts with these world-renowned brands.

"I really want to thank God for giving me these opportunities because it would not have been possible without Him. I am also grateful for my parents, Alton and Georgia Phillips. Let's just say they are the only workers who do not get paid. My parents support me 100 per cent. My mother plays the organisational role while my father was hands-on with the repairs and structure of my designs." Phillips explained.

With Spa Technician, Xiomara Smith, Phillips is able to offer additional services like waxing, body scrubs and wraps, facials and henna.

Make sure you go ahead and visit Tonez Beau A Trois located at 13 West King's House Road, Unit #6, and see what's in store for you.