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Heaven's Majestí

Published:Monday | August 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The 'Snowflake', one of the unisex pieces, is popular with women ... catches their eye every time.

Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writer

While the accessory world predominantly caters to women, these days men's fashion is evolving and possibly envied by women.

The new craze in the accessory world for men is leather-bound bracelets and beads, and Majestí Accessories is determined to help men maintain their style, while being trendy.

Flair, took a day to get to know the man behind Majestí Accessories in Jamaica, his name, Andy Heaven.

At 23 years old with a bachelor of science degree in management studies, an entrepreneur by nature, Heaven sees the world with an open mind envisioning open doors and opportunities.

Though currently employed at the University of the West Indies as a sports coordinator with responsibility for special events and sponsorships, Majestí was born out of his need to maintain his style. Frustrated by not being able to find local pieces that were versatile, he had to look beyond our shores.

brilliant idea

After finding the pieces he liked, he began receiving compliments on them and a bulb switched on. "After running the idea by a group of young, talented and ambitious individuals, I decided to take some personal cash and invest in this project. Truth is, you never know if you will do well, life is about taking risks and this is just one of the many risks I've taken."

Heaven speaks of Majestí Accessories with the passion and love a father would for his children. "This brand breathes three core fundamentals - sophistication, exclusivity and family. Simplicity to us is the greatest sophistication there is and this is what we try to bring to the family (Majestí). With every family and society, there is culture, and that is one of the things we try to bring out with this brand," Heaven revealed.

The clients, who are called 'Nobles', each add something to the brand in their own way. "Our bracelets are called 'Kinghandles' and all the pieces are received in the King's Pouch. Selected pieces are sold with the King's Letter (letter of authenticity) from which a client receives 'The King's Treat' which may come in the form of a discount card or a free piece," explained Heaven.

Majestí Accessories is a brand that believes in creating an experience for each Noble. Pieces are sold only through ambassadors and are introduced seasonally to prevent having a flood of similar pieces.

"We provide items that are respected by men and highly appreciated by women. Although most of our items are for men, we do provide unisex items. Male fashion is continuously growing and Majestí Accessories' aim is to complement a man by providing quality and confident pieces. Most of the pieces are meant to be worn with a timepiece but can be worn alone. For us it was important to have an accessory line for men, a brand that adds to one's style and story," Heaven boasted.

"I really hope this trend has a positive impact on men and on men's fashion. Majestí Accessories put men back on the map, with all the existing stores for women, our brand will make it easier for men to acquire great accessories without having to look to purchase them overseas."

Pieces are currently only sold through ambassadors and available pieces can be seen on their Facebook or Instagram page; and @majestiaccessories. Any enquires about pieces can be directed to