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Weir puts his best 'tee' forward

Published:Monday | August 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Tori Haber (front) and Jheanine Wiggan in Weir tanks.
Weir and his models are all about what the T-shirts say - 'be the best you can be'.
Weir and his models are all about what the T-shirts say - 'be the best you can be'.
Weir and his models are all about what the T-shirts say - 'be the best you can be'.

'Be the best you can be'. This is the ethos for an athlete that has always had to prove himself over and over again. Today, he has those words etched in his heart and emblazoned on a personalised line of signature tees.

Warren Weir surprised many when he crossed the line in a bronze medal spot in the 200m finals at the London 2012 Olympic Games as part of a Jamaican medal sweep.

Dismissed as a fluke, Weir had to prove himself a year later in Moscow - upgrading his hardware to silver at the 2013 World Championships - amid doubt, being the best he could be.

Now, the 24 year-old is reaching out to his fans, reviving a long-standing tee design passion, and using his threads to not only inspire style and add leverage to his 'Team Weir' support, but also motivating a generation to strive to their full potential.

Weir recently launched his line, which is available for purchase on social media platform Facebook as well as all Genus Pharmacy and Grandeur locations, and has been getting a lot of positive reactions with the stylish garb hugging the frames of many.

Campus-inspired with the Team Weir logo and ethos, the shirts are smartly designed in crew and V-neck styles with an additional tank top version for women.

Currently, there is only one design, but Weir and his team are eager to grow and add more styles to meet the demand.

But why tees?

Turns out that Weir's T-shirt flirtation started years ago as a student at Calabar High School, where he helped to feed the alma mater fandom culture with a line of supporter tees, which built him quite the reputation before he had to scrap that venture. "From high-school days, I always liked the idea of making shirts and different things. It came along when I used to do shirts for Kingston College, St George's, Calabar, Campion supporters and so on. I even started a clothing line in high school, but school got the better of it and I stopped, and so folks asked me to start doing some shirts again but some 'Team Weir' shirts," Weir explained to Flair.

"After the Olympic Games with the slang 'No English straight Patois', people again asked me to do some shirts, but I was new on the scene and wanted to focus on my career. But after the Moscow championships, I was really encouraged to go ahead with it and so I decided to. I also wanted to do some for persons who have been supporting me," added Weir.

"Before the shirts were actually available, I was wearing them and people were asking when they would be available and now they are available at two locations in Jamaica - Grandeur and Genus Pharmacy - and the reception has been very good," Weir said. "They are also available online and people are really gravitating towards them."

But for all its style and comfort, it's the message that is most important to Weir.

"I wanted a college look, inspired by college logos and fraternities, that's where the design came from, but the main thing was to add my tagline which is 'Be the best you can be' along with the Weir Wolf graphic," explained Weir.

"That message is very important, I always aim to be my best in whatever I do or whatever task is before me, so I'm just encouraging everyone to be the best they can be at whatever they are doing; always aim to be the best. It's about being the best you can be now, at the moment, not tomorrow or down the road. That's my message," Weir emphasised.

Shirts are also available on the athlete's Facebook page with worldwide delivery options and a Paypal payment system.