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Lover's playpen: What animal are you in bed?

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Reporter

We have all heard about being an animal in bed, and the comparative connotation to an animal as it relates to your performance under the sheets is not as strange as you may think. In fact, it can be quite positive, speaking directly to a person's nature in between the sheets.

So, Flair asked its readers: if you were to akin your partner's personality or performance in bed to an animal, which animal would he or she be?

Here are a few interesting responses:

Koala bear: He's very cuddly and most times he's a quiet person. And like the koala bear, he's easy to find because he is always in one place. But koala bears, though they're cute and cuddly, can be dangerous.

- T.H., female, 24

Cat: My ex-girlfriend was all cute, sweet and innocent to the outside world, but once she gets me in bed she becomes aggressive, acting out on occasion through scratches, making her presence known.

- L.H., male, 25

Lion: Huge appetite, but very appreciative, sleeping like a baby once fed.

- K.A, female, 24

Cheetah: She is a cheetah because she carries me speedily to my destination.

- R.O., male, 27

Tiger: I guess he would be a tiger - strong, passionate and in charge.

- M.M., female, 34

Shark: My girl is like a great white shark. Once she gets a good grip, she doesn't let go.

- G.S., male, 26

Tigress: She would be a tigress: fierce, energetic and territorial.

- C.M., male, 27

Snake: Silent but deadly, he slides all over my body, making me shiver and he doesn't make a lot of noise.

- S.N., female, 25

Cheetah and peacock: It depends on her mood. She is sometimes a cheetah: wild and ready to pounce when she is in heat, while at other times, she is like a peacock: graceful and beautiful when making love.

- T.S., male, 28

Goat: He's balanced, intelligent and experimentalwink

- C.R., female, 28

Komodo dragon and rabbit: If I haven't seen her in a long time and we hook up, she would be a komodo dragon, she takes her time, but her bite is deadly. However, if she is under the influence of alcohol she's like a rabbit - it's all Wednesday.

- B.L., male, 27

Piranha: He is a piranha because he devours everything.

- M.K., female, 24