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Setting it straight

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

After four years as a single mother devoting her life to her four children, Yanique Quest has decided to re-enter the dating world. Join us each week as we chronicle her dating journey in Yanique's Quest.

Thinking back to that day, I never expected Davidto call, but he did. He called me that night when he got home, and we talked for a few minutes.

We talked all week and when he called me the following Saturday, I decided to ask him about his mother. I wanted to know what she had said to him. It had been on my mind all week and I need to get it off. He said his mother was just voicing her concerns about him getting involved with me. I asked him what specifically were her concerns.

It was then that he told me not to worry, because if we were to happen, we would regardless of what his mother said. He said he couldn't understand why his mother would have any objections, because the man he called daddy was actually his stepfather.

He never knew his biological father, as he walked out on his mother when he was three years old and the only man he knew has always been his stepfather who legally adopted him and gave him his name when he was eight years old.

He expected his mother of all people to understand, but she didn't and he wasn't going to spend his time explaining anything to her because she had already lived her life. He said he wanted to continue to see me even though we were miles apart and we would be the only ones to decide how far we went.

Andrew- Architect - 42 years old - two boys

I met Andrew by chance when I was in Kingston one weekend. I was going in to see a play at the Philip Sherlock Centre and had to go by Sovereign Cente to get the tickets.

He was also there purchasing tickets for the play and we started talking. He said he had heard great reviews about the play from some of his friends, and had finally decided to go see it. I told him that I travelled three parishes just to see it. We got our tickets and when we were leaving he said, "See you later".

I didn't give him a second thought for the rest of the day. My friend and I got to the play early and settled ourselves in the front row seats. I was probably there about 10 minutes when I heard a voice behind me asking if I couldn't have saved him a seat. I turned around to the smiling face of Andrew who was accompanied by two younger versions of himself whom I assumed could only be his sons. As I guessed, they were both his children and students of UWI.

The boys went off to join their friends and Andrew said he would talk to me after the show. My girlfriend immediately offered him her seat and before he could respond, she went in search of another. That was her idea of playing matchmaker, when all I really wanted to do was enjoy the show. Ironically, I had planned this weekend as a 'no-date' weekend and here it seemed it wasn't going to be one.

no time for casual

The show began and we got caught up in it. I loved live theatre more than movies and was glad I had decided to come out for this one. When it was over, Andrew and I went outside and he asked me if he could get my number. I told him sure he could have my number if he still wanted it after I introduced myself fully to him. I said, " My name is Yanique Quest and I am mother of three amazing young men and one very beautiful young woman. My children are the centre of my existence. After being alone for the last four years, I started dating with the hopes of finding my husband. I don't play games. I don't do casual. I work full time, I am pursuing my ACCA part time and I am a full hands-on mommy. It doesn't afford me much free time and any such time I have I wouldn't want to waste going out with someone who was looking for casual. Would you still like my number?" He laughed and said, "My name is Andrew Sanglese and I am the father of two ambitious college men. I have been single for the better part of a year. I work full time, live alone and have no reservations about dating a single mother. I am too old for casual and I never liked games even as a child. Would you like my number?"

We both started laughing at the same time and exchanged numbers. I told him I would be headed home tomorrow and he promised to catch up with me next week.

I am too old for casual and I never liked games even as a child. Would you like my number?