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Supernatural make-up

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
If blue is your favourite colour, do not be afraid to give it a try on those lips, with the black eyeshadow. It is a perfect look for the adventurous.
She will dazzle you with those mysterious eyes and glow that beckon you to come over.
Nia Smith rocks her dark, mystical eyes with a touch of green magic and a pop of colour on the lips to pull you in.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

From the Twilight saga to Vampire Diaries, audiences around the world have been seduced by these 'animalesque' humans. They entice us with their beauty and though the danger is real, many still do not mind their fangs being sunk in their necks. So Flair wanted to give the ladies a few captivating 'vamp' looks, guaranteed to jump from the pages or the screens of fiction into the realm of ultimate seduction.

Photo credits


Nia Smith

Samantha Daley

Saleema Laidlaw

Make-Up Artist: Paul March

Contact: 840-5420

Photographer:Jermaine Barnaby