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Everything they ever dreamed of

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
You may kiss the bride.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

From high-school friendship to modern-day fairy tale - that's the story of Wade Dwayne Wilson and Keneisha Natalie Hall.

They met on the compound of Norman Manley High School in 2000. Wilson was a few years Hall's senior, as he was in fifth form while she was in second. They maintained a close friendship for a long time, as her parents were strict and did not allow her to have a boyfriend at such a young age. In fact, Hall recalled her parents giving Wilson a stern warning as to how he should treat their beloved daughter.

It was not love at first sight for the two. Instead, it was a friendship that metamorphosed into a loving relationship. Wilson did not rush the relationship like an eager teenage boy, but he waited for his true love until she finished high school before he began to romance her.

The love between the two blossomed over time and eventually the couple moved in together. It was on her 26th birthday on September 9, 2012 that the love-struck young man called his true love to their bedroom.

"He called me to the bedroom and asked me to read what came up on the computer screen," said Hall. "It read, 'love puts the fun in together, the sad in a heart and the joy in a heart', while the song Meet Me At The Altar by the group Jagged Edge played in the background.

"Then the question popped on the screen, 'Keneisha Hall, will you marry me, Wade Wilson?' When I turned, he was on bended knee with the most beautiful engagement ring."

Hall's eyes misted with tears of joy and her cheeks blushed rosy red with happiness.

The rest is history.

It took almost two years, but on July 26, 2014 Wade Wilson and Keneisha Hall joined in holy matrimony at the Hope Gospel Assembly on Old Hope Road, St Andrew.

The wedding was planned by Your Events & Entertainment Specialist which provided the invitations, programmes, decoration and floral arrangements.

"They did a fabulous job," said Hall.

The arch at the altar was beautifully done, exactly as Hall had always envisioned. The bamboo centrepieces were complemented by the placement cards representing their favourite movie themes. The black and red backdrop depicted their wedding theme as well as the colourful beads that added a touch of flair to the head and cake tables.

Upon entering the reception hall at Mae's Entertainment in St Andrew, the couple did an entrance dance they had rehearsed and got down in fine style.

The entire affair was fine and sweet - everything that the couple hoped for.