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My first getaway

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM

My first getaway

I still talk to David at least three times a week, and even though he told me his mother had no control over who he dated, I still had my reservations. I don't want to be the reason he and his mother have a falling out. It was obvious that his family was very important, to me, and despite what he said, I knew their opinion mattered.

I remember my grandmother telling me that when a parent, especially a mother, doesn't approve of the woman her son has chosen, it's always a challenge. After all, you only get one mother. I didn't want to deal with that stress and I didn't want him to either. That didn't stop us from talking, though; I was just more guarded where he was concerned.

My Bucket List

I think everybody has their own bucket list. You know, a list of things that you either want to do or accomplish before you take your last breath. Well, I had a list of things I wanted to do, accomplish and places I wanted to travel to before my final bow. Since the night of the play, Andrew and I have spoken daily. He would call me each morning on his way to the gym and we would talk while I was making breakfast for my kids. We had a lot in common and it was quite easy to talk to him.

It was during one of our morning chats that he asked me if I wanted to watch the sunrise with him from Jamaica's highest point. The Blue Mountain was number three on my places-to-visit list. I hadn't mentioned this to Andrew, so I was caught off guard when he mentioned it. He continued by telling me that a few people from his gym were going there for the weekend and would be climbing the peek the Saturday morning, and he would love to share the experience with me. I don't remember telling him yes, but somewhere in the conversation I did.

Our Getaway

I wrestled with my decision for the next two weeks. I definitely wanted to experience the Blue Mountain climb, but I couldn't wrap my head around spending the weekend with Andrew 7,000 feet above sea level. I hadn't spent a weekend with a man in forever, and I wasn't sure what expectations he had. I liked him, and as much as I wanted a romantic getaway, we weren't at that stage yet.

Andrew called me the night before our trip while I was packing and I decided to ask him what he expected from this weekend. He laughed when I asked and said, "Same thing you are expecting". I wasn't sure what he meant so I told him then that I was very excited about our trip, but I didn't want any of us to leave the trip disappointed so it's best we ironed it all out before we left.

He said he won't lie and say he doesn't find me attractive, but he would like us to build on our friendship before we started thinking about anything else. The only expectation he had for this weekend was to see if we could coexist in the same space without getting on each other's nerves for two days.

He put all my fears to rest with that.

I knew Jamaica was beautiful, but the view from our lodgings when we got there Saturday morning was on a whole different level. We were staying at a bed and breakfast and would leave out the following morning with our guide for the climb.

It was so cold in the cabin had no electricity and had this rustic look, but I loved it and I remember looking outside and thinking there was nowhere else I would rather be.

We got up early the following morning and headed out. I kept looking around in awe at God's masterpiece and kept falling behind the other hikers, but Andrew stayed right beside me. It wasn't until we started climbing the part of the hill called 'Jacob's Ladder' that I realised this was not going to be easy. I could feel the pressure in my thighs, but I was determined to push through. When we finally finished 'Jacob's Ladder' I had to sit down.

Andrew told everyone to go on ahead and we would catch up. He took time massaging my thighs and gave me something to drink. I knew my legs were done and I told him to go on ahead and I would head back to the cabin. He said he wasn't leaving and we were either doing this together or heading back together. I felt guilty, I knew he wanted to finish the climb, but I couldn't manage it. My heart was racing and I couldn't feel my legs.

After trying to convince him to leave me, he lifted me up on his back and we headed back to the cabin. He said the weekend was about us and Blue Mountain wasn't going anywhere and we could try again another time.

When we got back to the cabin he made me some tea in front of the fireplace and continued to work on my legs. He laid two towels down, got his iPad out and we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad while he tried to warm me up. The last thought I had before drifting off was that this man was someone special.

The getaway continues next week.