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Orange is the new red

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Anne Martin Jamaica make-up artists Tamika Williams and Camille Stephenson show how orange lipstick is perfect for any skin tone. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

Red says danger, yellow says caution but-in-the-middle-orange says fierce, and that is why when it comes to lipstick this is the latest must-wear colour.

If you want to make your lips pop, but you are not a lover of scarlet red, then you can pick the next best thing - orange. This colour has become a hot trend ever since hitting the runway at Fashion Week 2014. Make-up artist Camille Stephenson of Anne Martin said the colour is versatile, having many different shades to appeal to the taste of every woman.

"I love the red-orange because every woman, despite her complexion, can wear this shade," Stephenson said about her favourite shade of the oranges.

"There are many shades of orange, from red-orange to the peaches that have a touch of pink. So if a woman does not like bright colours she would not have a problem in finding her shade."

One of the colours that would be perfect for a woman who likes to keep it neutral is the 'Orange-Gina' by Milani. If you are not a lipstick lady, then there are several lip glosses that have that touch of orange that will also have you keeping up with this trend.

Stephenson believes this is a great pop of colour alternative to red that works for every woman, irrespective of her ethnicity.

The make-up artist also gave a few tips as to how to wear this colour:

1. If you are wearing a bright orange lipstick stay neutral or soft on the eye colour. There is no need to have fierce lips and eyes to compete.

2. Wear a little face powder to eliminate shine on the face.

3. You do not have to avoid wearing blush but keep it light and blend it in to give your skin a natural glow.

4. It is okay to mix your lipsticks if you want to darken or lighten the shade for day or night.

5. You can also add a gloss to your matte lipstick for that extra sheen.