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Too much too fast

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Reporter

Like too little too late, too much too fast can be just as ineffective in winning over a lady's affection.

Now ladies, imagine meeting a man one night. With drinking and dancing in full swing, things seem to be going in the right direction until encounter number two.

Well, this was the case for 35-year-old Julia Montgomerywho has been recovering from a separation and is currently toying with the concept of re-entering the dating world.

Now, she is no master of this newly rediscovered territory, and while she was somewhat unaware or what she wanted from him, she was very sure of what she did not want: an overbearing man.

And that was exactly what she unveiled in Charlie Brownwhen she agreed to meet him for an official 'date'. Little did she know what she was up against.

Not prepared

Opened to the idea of getting to know him, she was not prepared for everyone else getting to know her, especially in a capacity she never thought she would be able to fill anytime soon.

Montgomery gave Flair the play by play.

"So, we went to a party at one of his friends' house, and he had his arms around me the entire night. Now, if that wasn't invasive enough, he had the nerve to, while carrying out this act, introduce me to his friends as 'his woman'," she shared, quite annoyed.

"When one of his friends asked if we were exchanging bodily fluids, that was the last straw. I just had to set the record straight, saying, 'No, of course not, we just met'."

He thought nothing of her remark, it seemed, since he invited her out for a third date. Unfortunately, he struck out, was kicked out of the potential love game for two, only to be left hanging on his flawed charm, with no Montgomery to share in what could have been enchanting summery nights.

Too quick

The moral of the story: easy come, easy go. If he is too quick to pull the trigger, then this false start would naturally mean a disqualification from running in that race of romance.

So fellas, take heed. Too much 'touchy feely' so early in the 'tryouts' can lead to no chance of ever scoring a touchdown later on.

And bearing a name before deciding what game is even being played is not only presumptuous by nature but could be perceived as arrogant or even desperate in your pursuit of happiness.

As for Montgomery, she has not lost hope on the wonderful world of dating. She just now thinks twice about accepting an offer to go out with a man so early after meeting him, and definitely will not have anything to with his friends anytime soon.

Names changed upon request.