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Every Princess Deserves a Tiara

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

Princess Mali is a beautiful girl from the 'magnificocious' kingdom of 'Lov LaLunar'. She had fancy dresses, shoes and every accessory a beautiful princess could ask for. However, she had the hardest time finding hair accessories to complement her beautiful wardrobe. One day, she stumbled across a treasure box filled with the MOST BEAUTIFUL hair accessories ever. They were colourful and of the finest material, each fitting perfectly - her own tiara. She knew she couldn't keep it to herself. So she shared her magical tiaras and headbands with all the girls in the land, because every princess deserves a tiara ... MaliBands were born and all throughout the land, every girl was proud to wear her very own MaliBand.

This is the story of MaliBands, an adorable handmade headband collection for baby girls created by Allison Richards. Richards started this collection after she had her daughter, Malia, in 2012 and has expanded her 'clientele' to every 'little princess', as her tag line states 'every princess deserves her own tiara'.

"It was difficult to find a headband to match all her outfits. So I started making them myself," Richards told Flair.

Her cousin, fashion designer Danele Broderick, paved the way for her. "She was an inspiration for me. She gave me steps on how to create the headbands and I took it from there," she explained. This was a good start for her since she had no previous sewing background.

There is no MaliBand alike, as she ensures that she makes a little change to each so that everyone has its own unique touch. This is what she loves most about creating these pieces, adjusting and making something new that parents and kids love. This makes the experience very fulfilling for her. The mother of one does her bands during her spare time outside of her regular nine-to-five.

Richards takes nothing for granted when it comes to her creations, and ensures that the fabric is child-friendly.

The bands were originally made for babies to preteens, but Richards admits that some adults have adopted the 'Mali-trend' to add that fresh touch to their outfits.

Her favourite design is one that she refers to as 'Flower Bloom'. "This is one of the first designs that I created, so it has a special place in my heart. It is a bit sentimental," said Richards. Each piece has its own unique name inspired by the design.

While these pieces are currently done to order, she intends to expand to have the line in stores. Richards sees Malibands evolving into a full children accessory brand. So far, she has evolved into hair clips and is looking to start a bandoo line shortly while continuing to make a few tutus and costume dresses for birthday parties upon request.

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