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Kids do the 'darnedest' things

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Babies can do some of the most adorable things ever. They can also do some of the craziest, creating havoc in their wake for mommies and daddies everywhere.

The Flair Magazine came up with a list (from parents) of the craziest things their babies have ever done. Now looking back, we can smile about most of them, but in the moment they were truly horrific.

1. I went into the bathroom and saw her sitting inside the toilet, with her bum in the water.

- C.S.

2. Bathing in the toilet. She knew we went into the bathroom to bathe. She just didn't know what was the source of the water.

- D.H.

3. Using the refrigerator as a shoe caddy. She saw us put things in the fridge all the time. One day, I opened the door and there was her shoes in the fridge. Guess her feet were hot.

- T.J.

4. My son locked himself in the room and I had to be supermommy and climb through the window.

- K.H.

5. My daughter decided to help me out and plugged in the iron. She had the iron print-out on most of her clothing.

- K.A.

6. My brother was visiting and was staying with my daughter. He fell asleep and when he woke up she had painted all his toes in red.

- K.S.

7. He stuffed the baby turtles in his cheeks (yes, you read right). Not that he has seen any adults doing that.

- K.H.

8. Running out into the rain to play in a muddy puddle like what they see in Peppa Pig, after just being dressed to go out.

9. My son and his cousin took the hair gel and rubbed it all over their bodies because they thought it was lotion.

- D.K.