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My first getaway Pt II

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Yanique's first sleepover

After four years as a single mother devoting her life to her four children, Yanique Quest has decided to re-enter the dating world. Join us each week as we chronicle her dating journey in Yanique's Quest.

I woke up around 11 o'clock that morning, and it took me a while to realise where I was and whose arms were holding me so securely.

The memory of earlier that morning came rushing back along with the pain in my legs. That didn't stop me from smiling at the memory. He must have felt me moving because he stirred and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was still in a bit of pain and thanked him for taking care of me. I was still feeling bad about him not getting to complete the climb, but again he assured me that he was okay and we would do it another day - together.

The rest of the day went by quickly and we headed back into Kingston in the evening. I had assumed I would be tired, so I had planned to stay by my friend's house and head straight to work Monday morning. Since school was out, the children were at Grandma's and hadn't seemed to miss me much, since I didn't see any missed calls from them. I wasn't worried but I checked in on them anyway.

When we got to my friend's house, Andrewand I sat in his car talking for over half an hour before he helped me inside with my things. He looked tired and voiced as much as he left to go home and get some rest. I was dreading him leaving because I knew my friend was going to give me the third-degree and I didn't want to share anything just yet. Andrew's actions earlier had really made an impression on me and I didn't want anyone analysing it for me before I did.

Just as I expected, she launched into her questions before his car even turned the corner. I cut her off mid-sentence, letting her know we would talk about it after I had some rest, and went straight into the bed.

I was just dozing off when Andrew called to say he was home. He said he wasn't ready for the weekend to end just yet, and invited me to dinner that night. I accepted his invitation this time with no reservation. We ended the call after agreeing that he would pick me up at 7 p.m. His boys had just showed up to do their grocery shopping in his fridge and cupboards. He always joked that they only show up when they wanted food, money or a change of clothes. I liked how he talked about his boys. You could clearly hear in his voice the love and admiration he had for them.

I wish every parent, whether mother or father, sounded that excited and enthused when speaking about their children.

That night he took me to 689 by Brian Lumley, and everything was perfect. The ambience, food and the wine, along with his wit and charm, made for an extremely wonderful evening. We left the restaurant and went for a small stroll, I had forgotten that Kingston never sleeps. It was getting late and I had work the following morning, so we headed back to my friend's house. I was sad to see the weekend come to a close, but I had to return home.

He asked if I had enjoyed my weekend, and before I could answer I felt the warmth of his lips on mine. I wasn't sure if it was the wine, but his lips tasted amazingly delicious. I couldn't feel my legs, and when he released me, I was scared to open my eyes. I have always been told that my eyes are a dead giveaway to my thoughts and I truly didn't want Andrew reading my mind - not tonight.

We said our good nights and he promised to call me when he got home. The minute I closed the front door, my cell phone rang. It was Andrew telling me to cancel my Knutsford Express reservation for the next morning, because he would be taking me down. By now, I knew better than to try to talk him out of anything, so I didn't try. If he wanted to take me to Montego Bay at 5 a.m., it would definitely give me a chance to see if it was his kiss that was delicious or if I was tasting the wine from dinner.