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Office romance - The Wangkhang love story

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photos Picture-perfect! Khunchok and Camille Wangkhang.-Contributed
The wedding party on the beach (from left) Analese Brown (cousin of the bride and maid of honour) and Tenzin Wangkhang (brother of the groom and bestman), Brianna Aarons and Rignam Wangkhang, Camille and Khunchok, Monique Thomas and Phillip Coombs, Pamela Wangkhang and Andrew Fuller.
Sibling love between Phillip and Camille lwill forever last, although she has a new surname.
Two families become one. From left: father and mother of the bride Michael and Crol Coombs, Camille, Camille, Khunchok, mother of the groom Chime Wangkhang and uncle of the groom Yeshi Duntak.
Mother of the groom Chime Wangkhkang (left) and uncle Yeshi Duntak perform a customary Tibetan scarf ceremony.
Michael Coombs takes his daughter, Camille into a fatherly embrace during their father-daughter dance. - contributed photos.
The beautiful bride and her ladies in waiting (from left) pamela Wangkhang, Analese Brown, Monique Thomas and Brianna Aarons.
Mother of the bride Carol Coombs and the beautiful blushing bride Camille Wangkhang, share a joyous moment on the sands.

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Meeting the love of their life at work was the last thing Khunchok Wangkhang or Camille Coombs had ever envisioned. But as they interacted, sparks were ignited, fate took over and led them down the aisle.

Coombs told Flair that she met her now husband in Canada when her manager requested that she do some training with him.

From the start, they both held each other in high regard, and their connection blossomed from a budding friendship.

Almost immediately, they picked up on some important qualities and similarities that they shared - Christianity, love for the arts, nature, philanthropy and international travel. These similarities moulded their bond.

Coombs told Flair, "My very first impression during the training was that he was extremely intelligent - I noticed how well he did his work and how quickly. I also saw that he had a gentle spirit and liked helping people he didn't know."

Wangkhang told Flair, "I found Camille to be a humble, focused and beautiful girl. As I got to know her, I realised we had a lot in common and shared various values. She was adventurous and had a huge interest in the arts like I did."

He confessed their first date was actually unexpected: in fact, it was quite impulsive. "I would help her at work on a regular basis and one Friday night I offered to walk her to the subway station. When it was time for us to part ways, we casually said goodbye, but with an urge I asked her if she wanted to go to a jerk chicken (Jamaican) restaurant I normally went to. Her answer was the start of this journey."

Coombs told Flair that going for jerked chicken was ironic as she was the Jamaican and he was Tibetan. "Asking me out to 'my' food, I found it amusing. Yet, his lovely character was something else that stood out that night. We had dinner where we enjoyed good conversation, including our similar artistic tastes, and this sparked an even greater interest on both sides - I felt like I could be myself."

As the night ended, they said their goodbyes only to meet up again the next day to see an art exhibition. And just like that, date one smoothly progressed to date two.

Along the way, they learned to accept each other's cultural difference, and the eight-year age gap between them, and the fact that they worked in the same office.

After six months of dating, Wangkhang decided that she was the one.

Intimate proposal

Wangkhang made a formal proposal at an engagement party in Mandeville in February, 2014."We had a gathering at the Bloomfield Pool where close family friends came to celebrate our friendship." Wangkhang added that his reaction to her 'yes' was, "Finally! Let our new life begin!"


On a scale of one to 10, 10 being hardest, the bride admits that the planning was about a seven as she was unable to be in Jamaica to plan with her mother and instruct the wedding planner. But, she was grateful for her bridesmaids and family members for all their assistance in making her wedding dream come true.

The groom, on the other hand, didn't find the ordeal as tedious, expressing concern with choosing the right suit. "There were some things we had to compromise on, but, in the end, we were really happy with the celebration," he asserted.

Wedding Ceremony

The couple officially exchanged vows, and said their 'I Dos' at the Jewel Runaway Bay Resort. The bride was an angelic vision in white walking down the aisle.

With her horse carriage in waiting and her suited prince now her handsome husband, her fairy-tale wedding had finally spread its wings into reality.

They found support in not only their parents, but also in God, relying on sheer happiness to take them through. According to Coombs, "Happiness is always two ways. I aim to make Khunchok happy daily and he does the same for me - never self-seeking but always giving. I love Khunchok very much. As the days pass, I see more and more of the special cherished gift I have here in my hands. He has grown to be my other half, and how good it is to have someone who is always making you laugh, even at the silly things! Now, I am set out to enjoy a life of dedication, a journey of special memories."

Wangkhang added, "The best memories in life are when you have someone you love to share them with. Having my best friend with me, to share and create memories, brings me so much happiness. Whether it be travelling around the world or enjoying a quiet evening together, every moment I have with her is a moment to remember."