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What to expect when not expecting

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

While the initial reaction for a young or a new mother not anticipating a baby can be bittersweet, ultimately becoming a new mother is nothing short of a blessing.

Inspired by this popular go-to book, the Flair decided to do a twist on the title and share the experiences of what to expect when a bundle of joy is unexpected. Mixed emotions of shock, dismay and eventually joy filled the hearts of five mothers when they found out that they were pregnant. These are their confessions:

I wasn't expecting my son at all, but he was a great surprise. I was scared, happy, confused because he was my first. I was so shocked that I took the test three times. The last one took place in the doctor's office with the nurse and when she said yes, I just sat down on the ground and she took my phone and called my best friend and told me not to worry. Though she was shocked, she embraced the blessing with open arms and helped me through my pregnancy, since my ex remained as just that. I kept the news in a small group of close folks at first, until I was comfortable. Pretty soon, I went from unsure to excited. I now know I love babies.

- K.P., 30

Well, I was more nervous when I found out I was pregnant, because a part of me was in denial with the whole thing since I was on birth control. My partner was calmer about it, confessing that he had already felt that I was pregnant. Even when I took home the pregnancy test, I was still in denial. Even after we went to a clinic for a professional to administer the test after taking two home tests, I was still in denial. It wasn't until I finally went to my doctor after being six weeks late and heard her heartbeat that the reality actually set in.

- S.N., 24

I became pregnant almost a month or two after my boyfriend proposed to me. Everyone knew I was engaged and we were all hunky dory. A few weeks later and a missed period and I kind of emailed my friends and said "Oopsie, wedding moved from 2009 to 2008. I was only 23 and my family was concerned about how I was going to manage with moving out, wedding expenses and a baby all at once. But hey, it worked. We ended up doing a whole lot of firsts at the same time: our first place and our first and, so far, only princess.

- S.C., 29

I was shocked, nervous and, at the same time, a little sad when I found out I was going to have a baby. I didn't have a regular menstrual cycle like most women, so I didn't go through puberty the same way and was told it wasn't impossible but that it would just be a lot harder to have children. It was not until I saw that ultrasound, then seeing my little one - it brought disbelief, which was followed by tears of joy.

- H.E, 26

I was actually worried because I missed my period, which never happens. So my best friend bought me a test and carried me to my house. When I saw the two strokes, I wanted to faint. Instead, I went in the room and revealed the news to her and my boyfriend. My partner was elated when I told him because he wanted a child. What made it hilarious was that my best friend was just the opposite, joining the worried party with me. Deep down, I was happy too because just a month before I was telling my boyfriend that I might not be able to get pregnant due to medical reasons.

- S.N., 25