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What's in your baby bag?

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Being a new mother is a fulfilling and exciting experience. However, there are a few overwhelming days, so you need to ensure that when you take your 'bundle' out, you have these bundles of necessities in your baby bag:


This is a must-have for those 'tooshies' when they need changing. They also come in handy for clean-ups from little accidents.


You know that you cannot have too many of these. This is a must-have because we do not know when the treasures will leave us little gifts to clean up.

Diaper Cream or Vaseline

We want to protect that little one from everything, and this includes diaper rash. A little diaper cream or petroleum jelly will do the trick to keep our little ones comfortable.

Plastic bags

You might not have anywhere to throw that 'potty' diaper in after changing your baby. Having a plastic bag or something to wrap it in helps you keep it safe and scent-free until you find a bin.


If you did not already mix the formula, ensure that you have a small thermos with warm water and bottles. It is recommended that you always have that thermos just in case you are out longer than you had planned, especially if your little one does not breastfeed. (NB: Do not forget the formula.)


Need I say more than to protect those cute toes?


You might not know when the weather is going to change, because, despite the weather reports, we have freak storms and, even slight changes in temperature can affect the little ones. A hat to protect their delicate heads is necessary.

Change of Clothes

Babies are unpredictable and with that comes unpredictable messes. Ensure that you are fully prepared, because your 'sweetie' is too cute to be dirty. Accidents do happen.

Teething Ring

This is not a need since all children do not use it. But if you know that your baby is one that loves his or her teething ring, NEVER leave it at home. The same goes for a pacifier. While some parents do not give their children pacifiers, once you do, walk with it. You do not want a frantic baby.

Changing Pad

You do not always have a bathroom at your disposal, so have that changing pad to protect them just in case the only surface available is your lap.

Baby comforters

This is a must-have to throw over your shoulder to protect your child from any fragrance that might be sprayed on your clothes and also to help keep them warm.


Every baby has that teddy, blanket or toy that they cling to. Never leave it because when they start crying and that toy is not there to bring them comfort, it will leave both of you miserable and hysterical.

Notes to Moms:

1. Mothers, please carry an extra blouse, just in case that 'cutie' was not properly burped and pukes over your shirt.

2. Wear something buttoned up at the front if you are breastfeeding for easy access.


This baby bag opens up into a lap pad.