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Rocking Racky's hobby

Published:Monday | September 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Racquel Channer wearing one of her bandoos. Ian Allen/Photographer

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

We all have hobbies, but not many of us make them into a business. Racquel Channer created Racky's Hair Accessories as a stress reliever.

Channer has been dabbling in crafts since she was a student at Holy Childhood High. She would use scraps of material to make little pouches and bags. Her mother, being a dressmaker, exposed her to working with fabric and this was a relaxation outlet for her.

"I started playing with fabric from I was in high school. I used scraps of material to make little pouches and if I wanted a bag, I made it. I like working with fabric, it is relaxing," she told Flair.

It was this relaxation she needed when she made her first hair accessory. "I was a little stressed in my final year of nursing school and I started playing with scraps from my mom's materials and I made a clip. I wore it to school and my friends liked it and started to ask me to make it for them, and when I wore it to church the same thing happened," Channer relayed.

Based on the demand, this became a business venture for her. "I never even planned for this to be a business at first. It was just a hobby," she noted. However, she was referred to other people through friends until she had her products in one beauty store and two pharmacies.

Channer has developed several lines for her hair accessories. There are the minis, which include small clips and hair pins with miniature handmade flowers on them. She also has a flower-blossom collection and poinsettia collection - this she did for the Christmas season, and her favourite, the Kanzashi-inspired collection - which is inspired by the Chinese technique of folding - Kanzashi.

She is also working on a few other collections, which include the water lily collection, bows and African print. All collections with exception of the minis, include clips and headbands in their line. Channer has recently opened up her accessories line to bandeaux.

Her next step is to go into the bridal industry and she already got her toe in with an order for a small bridal party.

"I love bridal so I am working to developing my skills so that I can do bridal accessories. I love to get into feathers, rhinestones and bird cage veils," she confessed.

Channer does not want to keep her talent to herself.

"There are children from church that might want to make some pocket money. I would love to be able to teach and help them," she said.

As a practising nurse, Channer is able to earn from her therapy. For her, going full time all depends on, "the Lord. If it His will, I will do it full time," she noted.

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