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Unveiling love at a nuptial

Published:Monday | September 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Contributed photos The bride and groom basking comfortably in wedded bliss as newlyweds.
Contributed Photos Flowers surrounding the train of a flowing white dress, the groom embraces his new wife who showcases her bridal heels.
The couple indulge in their official first dance as husband and wife.
The beautiful bride in her tiara stares lovingly at her dashing groom
The bridal party gushing over the newlyweds.
The wedding cake waiting to be unveiled.

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

Love is truly a beautiful thing and Gladys Brown and Calvin Ellis discovered that after witnessing the nuptials of a mutual friend.

The two lovebirds met in the midst of love - at a wedding a little over two years ago.

Brown, a superintendent in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), functioned in the capacity of master of ceremonies at Ellis' brother's wedding. A Jamaica-born investment banker with BT in New York, Ellis was just a suit in the audience supporting the happy couple. But little did she know that Brown had become smitten by her charisma, allured by her charm.

His heart would soon taste the enchanting rainbow of bliss when it was revealed that not only was she single, she might also be interested in getting to know him better.

Background matchmakers

Ellis' mom, who also attended the wedding, and had heard Brown announcing that she was single and that because her sister got married at the age of 62 and she was nowhere near to that age, there was still hope for her, decided then and there to play matchmaker.

During the reception, Ellis was encouraged by a woman at her table to go catch the 'garter belt', but he remarked, "I'm not interested in catching the garter, it's the MC I want." Unknown to Calvin, his friend, Angela, was actually Brown's sister. Angela encouraged him to go and talk to her.

Not knowing that Angela had prompted Calvin to make a move, his mother spoke it into being, "That's my son's wife!".

She took it upon herself to approach Brown to confirm if she was in fact single. Taking Brown's hand to ensure that there was no ring on it, she then said, "Come and meet my son, he is single," leading Gladys by the hand, she introduced them.

Later that evening, Ellis took a leap of faith and slipped his number to Brown. Though she took the number politely, Brown knew that she was never going to call him as she does not believe that a woman should be the one to call a man, as it's a sign of desperation.

A few days later, while talking to her sisters, she mentioned that a guy gave her his card at the wedding. Angela told her how lucky she was to have two men interested in her, only to find out that this new guy and her friend from the wedding were the same man.

Her sister, Liz, took the number from her and called Calvin, giving Gladys the phone. They spoke, and while both had virtually given up on love, fate had other plans. Stepping in, it brought them together first as friends and then as lovers.

First Date

Brown and Ellis met for lunch a few days later at a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan. "We spoke for almost two hours the night before I left for Jamaica," Brown confessed.

They continued to call each other after she returned to Jamaica and casual conversations quickly grew into romance. Their entire courtship took place via telephone.

Four months after their first date, they reunited in Florida only for Brown to discover that she would be attending her own engagement party planned by Calvin and her sister, Liz. Brown, absolutely surprised by his proposal, gladly accepted. Later in the year, Ellis was introduced to Brown's bishop in Jamaica who vetted, him and after approval, a massive engagement party was done at her church in Jamaica in December of 2012.


On Saturday, August 9, Brown and Ellis returned to the occasion where it all began. Only this time, the then single MC was now a beautiful bride and the smitten audience member was a dashing groom. Attending the previous wedding alone, they now stood together at the altar to be joined in holy matrimony. During the ceremony, they pledged their love and loyalty to only each other, looking forward to being the other's forever.

Specially invited guests showed up at The Garrison Church of the Ascension at Up Park Camp to support the happy couple. The bride arrived at the ceremony in style, rolling up in a 1972 Rolls Royce, escorted by outriders from the JCF.

Talk of the Town at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel hosted the cocktail hour and reception. The couple and their more than 200 guests from Jamaica and overseas who witnessed the nuptials celebrated the special occasion, dancing the night away into Sunday morning.