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Am I a political atheist?

Published:Monday | September 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
An energised supporter at the People's National Party's 76th annual conference, held at the National Arena in St Andrew. Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

If I have no faith in politicians and their promises, does that make me a political atheist? I asked myself this question as I perused the various reports to come out of the People's National Party's annual conference that was held at the National Arena on Sunday, September 21. I had to read, listen, and watch the reports because there was no way in hell I would actually attend the event or follow it live. I'm no supporter, certainly no delegate, and even though I'm a member of the media, I wasn't (mercifully) asked to be a part of the coverage team. And I hope the same happens (from the work perspective) when the Jamaica Labour Party hosts its annual 'get-together'.

First things first. I find party conferences, for want of a better word, confusing. The election of officials (if that even takes place) and the drafting in of new delegates are important. So are tasks like checking the finances and going over the performance of members since the last conference. The big hoopla with the gyrating, loud music, and people coming in from all corners by the busload just seems a bit too much sometimes. But, hey! Who am I to begrudge persons of perhaps the best Sunday dinner they'll get for the year? Not even Christmas might so nice!

But I digress. Based on everything I'm seeing/hearing/reading, our goodly prime minister said, among other things, "Eventually, we will get around the corner", and we're "marching steadily along the road of progress" and we're "approaching the bend". So in other words, we're not home free. Well, that I believe, Sista P. But as to whether the promised land is as close as she and others make it sound is another matter. Now, I'm not big on politicians like I said at the beginning, but I can easily add any individuals in certain high offices and measure them with the same ruler.

fickle faith

Recently, I heard some individual (don't think it was a politician, but like I said, they're not the only ones I don't trust) say that the economy is improving and that business confidence is up. Well, confidence is like fickle faith. Some people need to see the metaphoric nails in the palms before they proclaim you Jesus. And I'm one of them, so call me Doubting Daviot. I'm not saying things haven't improved, I'm just saying my wallet and the cobwebs and spiders emanating from it sincerely beg to differ. Even the roadside beggars have practically stopped asking me for stuff. Think even they realise it's kind of pointless right now.

So I'll take Sista P's word for it that we are approaching the bend. But I'm cautious for one big reason: Sista P is rural area born-and-raised, and you know what it means when rural people tell you your destination is just roun' di corner, right? Mmm hmm.

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