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Big Belly Man

Published:Wednesday | September 24, 2014 | 9:51 AMRandy Bowman

Thirty-two, 24, 36 ? according to society, are the vital statistics for an attractive woman ? which they are expected to maintain. But what about the men? Why is it ok for them to gain weight around the mid-section without being ridiculed or subjected to harsh criticism?

As Mac Fingnal sings it, ?I ain?t dancing with no big-belly man?, is the sentiment of most women with whom Flair spoke. Married with one child, Sheena Knight* said: ?If he wants to be with a hot, sexy girl, he has to be equally hot and sexy. Why should I avoid certain foods and workout while he is allowed to eat whatever and get fat? Hell, no!?

?I don?t like it. It is very unattractive. I see my mother working out every week, while my dad works on his beer belly. So while I don?t mind them big or thick, I just have a problem with a big belly,? was what Krystal Brooks* shared with Flair. ?This places limitations on our positions,? she added.

Dahlia Howard* said: ?First, a big belly is not attractive well, it does not appeal to me, and from my experience, they are not good in bed. Therefore, no use to me.?

?Well, I don?t see the big deal,? said Tamika Brown*. ?If he is good-looking, tall, has a nice career, profession, and has some good dollars, hell, yes!?

According to sex educator and writer Shelly-Ann Weeks, there has always been a double standard with men when it comes to hygiene and physicality. ?The truth is, most of the ?stress? women go through is self-inflicted. She is very concerned about what her girlfriends think, and so she makes a big effort. For men, the idea is quite the opposite. His bredren don?t care how he dresses or if his belly is big. Men are not held to the same standard of beauty at all.?

Weeks added: The most unattractive, out of shape, ill-mannered man with the poorest hygiene can get the most beautiful woman as long as he has money. That is a fact. The criticism that women normally face comes more from her girlfriends than her man. There are a few men who will complain about his woman?s belly, but the chances of that being a big-belly man are slim.?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Love them handles or help him work it off?

? Not real names

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