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Bow legs Attractive or not?

Published:Monday | September 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photos by Jody-Anne Lawrence
Photos by Jody-Anne Lawrence

Cathy Risden, Lifestyle Writer

Ladies, do you find bow-legged men sexy? Some of us do, and to get the 411 on bow-legged men, Flair explored the minds of Stephanie Robinson, who is currently in a relationship with Damion Edwards, and Catherine Clarke, who is currently dating Doshane Roberts. Edwards and Roberts both have bow legs.

Robinson said that she only dates men who are more than six feet tall and who have bow legs as she finds these attributes very sexy and appealing. "I think that they are way sexier than a man with straights legs." What Robinson finds most appealing is his posture. "I mean, come on! The way he stands, it's just much more appealing to the eyes, especially because he's so tall. It's a complete turn-on!" she stated convincingly. When they met, Edwards was wearing short pants that showed off his bow legs, which captured Robinson's lustful eyes, then her heart.

Edwards said that his girlfriend didn't compliment him on his bow legs until months after they first met, even though he knew that women found it sexy.

He revealed to Flair that he has attracted several women and received numerous compliments because of that specific physical attribute. He thinks some of these compliments have been very weird. "A woman once walked up to me and said, 'Babes, I would love to trade my man's legs for your bow legs'," he said laughing. "All the girls I have been with love me because of my bow legs," he concluded.

Clarke said that along with Roberts' wonderful personality and charm, she is crazy about his bow legs. "He is really sexy! Several times, he caught me staring at him. Just the way he stands is a complete turn-on," said Clarke. Several times, Clarke said, she got distracted staring at Roberts. "He likes to wear shorts at home and Capris at school. Only on special occasions does he wears long pants, and that's sexy, too. He is just irresistible!" Clarke gushed.

This is Clarke's first time dating a bow-legged man and she is proud to be his girl.

A very confident Doshane Roberts, a student at the University of Technology, told Flair that he loves his bow legs and he thinks they make him extremely sexy. He says that he receives compliments on a daily basis about how sexy he walks, stands, and especially when he is playing football.

Some men were born with it, others try to create it, but for Roberts, "it's a family thing. My brother and cousin and other relatives have it," says Roberts.

Roberts said that his girlfriend confirmed that she started admiring him during a conversation Roberts was having with someone about how sexy he looked with his bow legs, to which Clarke agreed.

Despite what Robinson and Clarke say about their significant others, not every girl finds it attractive. The question to ponder is, should you date a man only because of his bow legs?

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