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Forever young 50 is the new 30

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The fabulously sexy Juliet Flynn.
The 49 and fine Donna Moodie-Anderson.

Randy Bowman, Assistant Lifestyle Coordinator

According to Coco Chanel, nature gives you the face you have at 20. Life shapes the face you have at 30. But at 50, you get the face you deserve. Juliet Flynn and Donna Moodie-Anderson must have been playing their cards right. They are mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, cooks, financial advisers, doctors, friends, drivers, sisters, to name a few, and today we want to add timeless beauties. In celebration of our 30th anniversary, Flair sought out 50-year-olds who barely look a day older than 30 to share their beauty regimen. Be inspired.

Libran Donna Moodie-Anderson will celebrate her 49th birthday on October 11. She is currently a sales and events manager for an overseas company which owns a resort in The Bahamas. "I handle reservations and travel to the property to coordinate events like weddings, company retreats and family celebrations. I get to meet lots of interesting people including government officials and celebrities. It's a rough life but someone's got to do it, I guess."

The proud mother of a 22-year-old-son and a daughter who will be 27 in November, said: "There is really no secret. I have been blessed with good genes; thank you for that mama and papa, and I try to live a balanced life. I work out at the gym for about 90 minutes three mornings per week, eat balanced meals most times, and just try to enjoy my life. I maintain a positive outlook on life regardless of the many challenges, because there's always something good to see in every situation, if you just look for it.

In terms of a beauty regimen, I usually moisturise my face at nights, (when I remember) using my regular body lotion. I have no affinity for any particular brand of make-up - I have been using a Mac foundation, but when it finished recently I switched to a Maybelline Mousse, which seems to be working fine. If I had to theorise about a 'secret' to maintaining youthful looks, I would definitely link it to being positive and trying to live a happy life. You end up with lots of lines on your face when you frown constantly.

For 50-year-old Juliet Flynn, eating properly is most important. "It is the main thing. When you eat certain things, especially at this age, cellulite pockets start to pop and so you have to eat 'cleaner' - a term often used in the gym - to prevent that. In addition, one has to combine a healthy diet with weight training and cardio. "I don't like to look mushy and soft or feel that looseness in my skin, so I have to work out to stay toned," said Flynn.

The five-time Olympian works out twice weekly in her gym, Cuthbert's Fitness Studio, but makes it known that she is active everyday. "I am constantly working in the gym, going up and down the set of 21 stairs, passing weights, showing my clients the various exercises, and that helps tremendously."

With her new role as caretaker for West Rural St Andrew, just the journey to the constituency comes with its share of workout as well. "Have you seen those hills?" Flynn jokingly asked. The proud mother of a 25-year-old is more than grateful for the blessing to be alive at this age. Looking good is just the cherry on top. "I have no problem sharing my age. There is no shame to my game."

There you have it: eat clean, work out and repeat.

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