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Keeping it sweet & spicy with thirty

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

The roller coaster called relationship often goes through its fair share of ups and downs, but what is important is that both partners involved actively rediscover themselves and each other, and enjoy the ride along the way. In honouring Flair Magazine's 30th birthday, here are 30 tips to keep your relationship sweet and spicy:

1. Create date nights, and don't forget them. Sometimes all we need to keep the romance going is quality time together.

2. Ladies, always shop for lingerie. And men, you can make this a fun event by shopping with her.

3. Bring food into the bedroom.

4. Try something new as a couple.

5. Keep in shape (this goes both ways).

6. Get a kama Sutra book, and practice some of those moves on each other.

7. Don't be afraid to live out one of your fantasies.

8. Take the lovemaking outside of the bedroom by christening every room in the house. Or you can take it outside if you wish.

9. Go on vacation together.

10. Adults play with toys, too, so incorporate them when you can.

11. Games are not limited to just toys. There are many other fun entertainment that can be used, like dice and special cards.

12. Step outside the box and enforce some role playing beneath the sheets.

13. Stick with cuddle time. This subtle action can lead to so much more than comfort.

14. Spend time apart. There is no better way to rekindle a fire than by putting it out a bit to work on you, and return refreshed, relaxed and excited.

15. Gifts just because - very important way of letting your partner know you love him or her. This can turn a drab day into a fabulously sensual one, in minutes.

16. Set goals together. This way, once you have reached them as a team, you can both celebrate in fine style.

17. Discover things together. It is always good to learn something new every day. Just imagine how great it would be doing so with your love.

18. Send messages. This can come or go in the form of a cute picture, a quote, a link to some music. Sending something just because lets them know that you are on their mind.

19. A little PDA - holding hands and quick peck on the cheeks, forehead or even lips.

20. Making surprise visits. While time apart is good, popping in at work for lunch or stopping by just to say hello may just be what you need to make it extraordinary.

21. Take the television out of the bedroom. No need for distractions. That space is only meant for two Ss - sleep and ... . You get the picture? Focus on creating your own love movies.

22. Replace negatives with positives. Instead of dwelling on all your significant other has not done, focus on what he or she continues to do, and take the time out to thank him or her for it.

23. Get creative together. Tapping into the arts is a great way to connect or reconnect. Take a couple's dance class or an art class. You will be surprised by the result of that recreational activity.

24. Engage in intimate activity as often as possible. This may sound like a given, but the everyday hustle and bustle of life can sometimes get in the way of couple time. Slow life down, preferably close to bedtime, and make time for lovemaking. P.S. - you will be amazed at how it alleviates stress or a headache from a hectic day.

25. Communicate more. Play up the art of conversation by relaying the day-to-day activities with your partner. This should go both ways, so being a good listener is also important. That way, a smooth transition can be made into easing any tension built outside of the home.

26. Take care of you. Engage in physical activities outside of the home to clear the mind and ensure that you are in good health. It is easy to keep a relationship young when you exude youthful exuberance.

27. Understand your partner. You, more than anybody else, know what aggravates your partner. A potential argument can lead into make-up sex if you play your cards right.

28. Maintain relationships outside of your relationship. If you always had girls' night out or boy's night out, keep it. The time away will help reignite that fire in your love life.

29. Celebrate each anniversary as if it were your first. It doesn't have to necessarily be done expensively, but the sweet sentiment should always be the same.

30. Don't be afraid to act silly around each other and be the other's clown. Sometimes laughter is the greatest medicine in between the sheets.

Added Bonus: Include a third party, and make this party be one of similar spiritual guidance. The couple that prays together stays together.