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Meet the team - Classy. Fashionable. Smart

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Cathy wears a fitted mini dress with a plunging neckline in a geometric print with hints of gold, cognac and chocolate woven together to achieve a diverse and modern selection of colours.
Randy is ablaze, in a sultry ruby-red maxi dress featuring a tasteful plunging neckline. A vintage gold snake choker completes the look with a single ruby gemstone.
Nashauna wears a striking floor-length gown in a soft, ivory fabric with a metallic finish. Opting to play with tone and fabric, rather than crowding the silhouette with unnecessary accessories, a minimalist approach is taken as the focus is placed on the dress with little jewellery and side-swept hair.
Krysta opts for a jumpsuit in a swirl print in earth tones and metallic shines mix elements of new and old into an incredibly organic trend. Bold gold accessories were chosen to balance the oversize print.
Jody wears a floor-length jersey knit dress in an iconic wrap silhouette in lustrous colours and a vibrant pattern. The bold hounds-tooth print is on trend with autumnal colours of navy and orange.

Despite fashion's continuous changes in trends, there are a few staples that remain - the jumpsuit, a fitted dress, the colour red, and the timeless wrap dress, to name a few. Stylist Natalia Oh! gathered the Lifestyle team for a classic, yet modern look on a few of these pieces from Kerry Kay's Fashion.

Boss lady Nashauna

what they say

Randy: The one that keeps us grounded, always reminding us of the impending deadlines and outstanding stories.

Jody: Nashauna Drummond, like oh my God. Though (I will be fined for this), where do I start? She tries to be strict but is a great 'mama bear' to her cubs.

Cathy: Nashauna is more than a boss. She is like a sister, mentor and friend. She is able to rap with her team and still gets the job done. She is jovial and fun to be around. It's hard not to like her. She is awesome. My work mama.

Krysta: Nashauna, Nashauna. Where to start? Hmmm. Mother of the section. The ultimate diva in keeping the publications and her work-family together. She is meticulous down to dotting every 'I' and crossing every 'T', keeping her stress level to an absolute minimum by planning ahead of time. With the whip of her hair and her keen fashion sense, she flaunts poise with each strut. A lover at heart, caring and compassionate, she works side by side with each member of her team, contributing significantly to making them better writers and, overall, better people.

Randy The smiling newbie

what they say

Nashauna: The newbie who always has a smile on her face.

Jody: She always makes your day start with a smile, no matter how she is feeling. The sunshine of the desk.

Cathy: Even though we are both new to the Lifestyle desk, I feel like Randy has been here forever. She is easy to talk to, fun to be around, and doesn't allow anything to distract her or get her down. She is like the second mother to Nashauna.

Krysta: My Honey Bunny. New to the executive body and overall Lifestyle team, Randy Bowman is the fun aunty of the Lifestyle family. Epitomising fashion, she brings vibrancy and flair to the desk. Her talents in designing have become quite an asset in producing the complete editorial package of the Lifestyle pages. Couple that with her beauty and joy and she is a force to be reckoned with.

Krysta life of the party

what they say

Nashauna: She is the joker around here; always making us laugh.

Randy: My favourite! She is a warm fuzzy bear. She is unforgettable, loving, kind, fun-loving, easy-going and smart. Her big personality is one I just can't help but love.

Cathy: She is definitely keeping me young. Not a day goes by that Krysta doesn't make me laugh. She is jovial and just always finds a way to make the entire Lifestyle desk just burst out in laughter. Love her!

Jody: The crazy party starter. She makes work feel like a ball.

Jody The go-to mama

what they say

Randy: Our go to admin person. When it comes to needing a pin or an anchor, ask Jody, because chances are, it is in her bag. And I am not joking.

Cathy: Who is more unique than my girl, Jody? She is like a big sister and a friend. She is a real sweetheart. If she is not at work, it's like a part of me is missing. Yes, I said it.

Nashauna: Jody, Jody, Jody. Don't be fooled by her meek and mild persona. She is a firecracker underneath it all.

Krysta: Resident diva. She has perfected the pout down to a science, and while keeping up with the latest trends, she ensures that her Christian values are never compromised. Lovely and caring, her self-confidence exudes not only from her work, but from her person as well, turning heads with each stride and leaving an indelible mark on all our pages, maintaining a level head under pressure.

Cathy The silent river

what they say

Nashauna: Innocent little Cathy. She is such a worker bee.

Randy: Now, officially here to stay is the baby of our desk. Not one to show it, but she does not 'mash ants, she mash cow!' A workaholic and a go-getter, too.

Jody: The sweet baby of the desk; her spontaneous cracks keep us entertained and on our toes.

Krysta: Silent river truly runs deep, for Cathy Risden who, although she is quiet and soft spoken, is quite assertive when it comes to work, always getting it done, no matter what. The baby of the Lifestyle family, she is not only beautiful inside and out, but kind-hearted, taking all challenges in stride and overcoming them one step at a time.

Photos: Gladstone Taylor • Stylist: Natalia Oh! •
Make-up artiste: Paul March (840-5420) • Location: Eden Gardens •
Outfits: Kerry Kay's Fashion, Shop #2 Lane Plaza, Constant Spring Road