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Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Yanique on her last date with Jason.

As Yanique's Quest for Mr Right continues, our online readers have been along for the ride, and were shocked when disaster struck, last week. Here is what they had to say. For a chance to join the discussion, log on to The Gleaner's Facebook page at

Andrew and his family decided to migrate to Canada, but Andrew got cold feet. His wife is possibly slowly losing hope that he might actually join his family there. Sounds like my story. Cut him loose.

- G.

Boy, Andrew, you disappoint me bad. Wish you had told her from the onset that you were married. I wouldn't give up on him, though, Yanique. Try to find out why he can't get a divorce. Maybe it's out of his control. He seemed too genuine.

- Kimberly

Mi bex to backfoot! Andrew, yuh disappoint mi bad!

- BadNad

My thoughts on this issue:

(1) The woman from the supermarket asked about his wife. Obviously, she has reasons to think they are still very much together.

(2) If he considered it a non-issue, he should have made mention of it from the onset.

(3) I don't know, but I thought I must have read that publication quite quickly, because I don't ever remember you asking him if he has ever been married, or made mention of why he's not with his children's mother, or what happened in his most recent break-up.

He seemed like a good - no, make that great, guy. Hence, I would have been questioning, 'Why hasn't another woman snagged him yet?' I must admit, I was 'caught up in your happy', and never bothered to ask these questions in no.3, because I thought you had already covered these areas. And, if you did ask these questions and no.1 occurred, he would have lied.

- Kath

You salt Yanique.

- Brooklyn_Man