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Talking fashion with Cindy

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The always gorgeous and impeccably styled Cindy Breakspeare.
Cindy Breakspeare as she looked on the fashion scene in 1984. File

Cathy Risden, Lifestyle Writer

Former model and Miss World 1976 Cindy Breakspeare is a fashionista by nature. Her demeanour depicts a woman of fine style who has an excellent sense of fashion. In the very first issue of Flair, Cindy Breakespeare took a look at the fashion scene and gave us her insights on what was trending. Over the years, it became obvious that she knows fashion. Thirty years on, we went back to where Flair fashion all started and take her dig on style.

"I wear clothes that fit my figure and climate. I do not wear what I know does not look good on me," she told Flair confidently. Breakspeare describes fashion as an art and a wonderful thing to enjoy. "You can become a different person with make-up and outfits, and that's a good thing," she noted. She also pointed out that fashion is really mixed up. "It's not as rigid as it used to be," she argued. "Trending now are zipper tops, not only at the back of blouses but at the front as well," she added. Her favourite wears include peasant skirts, because they are casual, pretty and very feminine; and high-low hemlines made from interesting fabric with a nice texture.

While fashion is a good thing, one should be cognisant of the fact that not everything fits everyone and that they should be careful because everyone cannot be pleased at the same time. She highlights three things that women should be mindful of on their fashion journey.

1. Age Appropriateness

Age has a lot to do with your sense of fashion. What is appropriate for a 25-year-old might not be appropriate for a 50-year-old. Breakespeare places a lot of emphasis on comfort, "If your feet are not comfortable, you are uncomfortable. It will be obvious that you are uncomfortable.Things I used to wear when I was younger, I wouldn't wear them anymore," she added.

2. Climate AppropriateNess

"Choose garments that are appropriate for the climate. I would not wear a long-sleeve blouse and pants in the summer," she said. You should also choose fabrics according to the climate - cottons are known to be cool fabrics. A common trend that people today are copying is the wearing of furs. I don't think fur and Jamaica go together in the same sentence," she argued. On the other hand, Breakspeare said that, if you are in your 20s and want to wear fur, depending on the situation, enjoy yourself and have fun with it. She adds that, when the event is all about fashion, then you can take the chance. Breakspeare said that the trending shoes that are hot right now are booties - tall or short - and that they can be worn and look fashionable for day and night events.

3. Body Type

Breakspeare advises that you should wear what fits your body type. If the outfit is too tight, then it will be obvious and you will look out of place. "I wear what looks good on me," she expressed. "If the outfit is too big or tight, then you will not be comfortable." Breakspeare said that, to get her style and garment, she shops everywhere, including overseas at Courtney Washington in Brooklyn, New York. She buys mainly cotton interlock knit waldorf doll skin fabrics, because they are easy to wear.

Health and Fashion Tips from Breakspeare

Be cautious about wearing acrylic constantly, fake eyelashes, and hair glue - let it be for special occasions. Sooner or later, you are going to have health issues

Men, pull up your pants.