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It was all a dream: The McPherson love story

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
These newly-weds had not one but two official wedding cakes.
The bridesmaids, dressed in blue and gold, gush over the bride's wedding ring.
The groomsmen stand proudly with the new addition to the marital family, Webster McPherson. Contributed photo
The lovely couple, Webster and Kimberley McPherson. Contributed

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Reporter

For entrepreneur Webster McPherson, it was just an ordinary day at work until an angel by the name of Kimberley Northover stepped into his store, Dream Wedding Service and Boutique, in 2010. She had just returned home from studies in The Bahamas and was paying a visit to her uncle who was working for McPherson. Luck was on his side, and to his pleasure, Northover approached him for her uncle's whereabouts. "When I first met Kimberley, I was very astonished by her beauty and I was impressed with her ambitious ways of yearning to further her studies in order to become a better person that could help others," he explained to the Flair.

After meeting her, McPherson began enquiring about this lovely lady, wanting to know greater details of who she was. The feeling was mutual for Northover who confessed that when she met McPherson, she saw him as someone who she could have meaningful conversations with and someone whom she admired for being very industrious and always wanting the best for others.

Their first encounter eventually blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

Both were involved in unstable relationships at the time and, by the following year, they were both single. Little did they know they would find companionship in each other and make a strong and lasting union together.

He spoke of how it took place, "I called her one night in October 2011 and let her know that we had been friends for quite a while. I knew that she had taken a special liking to me and I also had taken a special liking to her, and right now me ago want her, before she put me in the 'forever-friend box'. She was dumbfounded by my

straightforward approach. I continued by letting her know I wasn't pressuring her because she might still be caught up over her ex and I didn't want to be a fall guy. So I gave her until January to make up her mind and, in the meantime, I would be there waiting for a favourable response."

Well, by January, Northover was hopping mad at McPherson. She had sent him several text messages over the Christmas holidays while visiting her mother in The Bahamas and he did not reply. Due to his overwhelming workload during the December wedding season, he did not remember to reply. "She lay-waited me at my shop the following morning after her flight back to Jamaica and let me know in person how she called and text me with no response, and that's when I said to myself 'yes I have her now'," he revealed with a laugh.

They made it official on the night of McPherson's birthday in January 2012.

They shared more than two years of ups and downs, with a lot of love in the mix, and McPherson decided then and there that she was the one for him, "I wanted to settle down and become a family man in every sense of the word, and I saw my future wife, Kimberley Northover, as the woman to help me achieve this goal," he asserted.

And he did just that, proposing to her on Mother's Day of this year.

The proposal

Northover gave birth to their blessing, Webster O. McPherson II, and both son and father were christened and baptised, respectively on May 4 of this year. On Mother's Day, he honoured their connection by going down on one knee during dinner and asking her to be his wife. "After returning home from church on Mother's Day and having the pastor bless the ring, I started to think of the most romantic way to engage her, but I decided to go against my norm of being debonair and plan a special surprise. So just as she was about to start sharing Sunday dinner, I just went down on one knee and took out the ring and ask her to marry me, because I only saw one way but up and I needed her love and hand in marriage in elevating us to such heights. She said yes and couldn't stop smiling since."

The Wedding and Reception

They set the date in August giving them two months to plan the wedding. Luckily McPherson is a wedding planner, so it was smooth sailing in setting it all in motion, seeking assistance wherever it was necessary. On August 3, 2014, bride Kimberley Northover and groom Webster McPherson said their I dos in a sea of country royalty (yellow and blue) at the Farmer's Training Centre in the old capitol of Spanish Town.

After the intimate ceremony, they broke away from the traditional park or garden, opting for a more rustic, historic look in Spanish Town for the photo shoot. The reception saw guests being treated to a three-course dinner, coupled with a night of dancing. "We are so grateful for our family and friends who shared with us in our very intimate and lovely affair," said the newlyweds.