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The Jason test

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

It's so much easier to date someone when you know exactly what you want. As women, sometimes the mistake we make is to rush head first into a relationship without understanding exactly what we want or hope to gain from the union. After spending so many years alone, I knew what I wanted and expected from a man. I have seen so many women in my situation get into relationships with men just to avoid being lonely, only to end up accepting mediocrity. I wasn't going to be that woman, because I wasn't scared of being alone. I just knew that was not what I wanted for myself.

Jason's test

Jason and I have been spending a lot of time together these days, and I began thinking about how I would introduce him to my children. I didn't want to continue dating him if he didn't have a good interaction with my children. I hadn't said anything to him about meeting them, because I hadn't decided when that was going to happen as yet. Well, Jason took that decision away from me on Saturday morning.

He called me around 7:00 a.m. to find out what I would be up to. It was odd for him to call this early on a Saturday, because that was the only morning I had to sleep late since the kids didn't have school. I didn't have any plans for the weekend besides household chores, and because my kids would not be visiting their father, I had to stay home. I told Jason I couldn't do anything with him this weekend and, while I was explaining that my children would be home, he interrupted me to say he wanted to take all of us to the beach. I was a little unsure at first, but quickly accepted because the kids hadn't been to the beach in a while and would definitely enjoy it. We agreed that he would pick us up at 10.

Now, getting them to go anywhere takes a great deal of planning and, with a little under three hours, it wouldn't be an easy task. I made breakfast and went to wake them up. No one wanted to get up, because today was Saturday, and they started complaining. Once I mentioned that we were going to the beach, everyone was up and ready to go in no time.

While they had breakfast, I started packing. With my eldest in a wheelchair, I had to pack extra because I had to ensure that he would be comfortable. He was the one helping me pack, so it made everything a bit easier.

When Jason arrived, they were all ready and bursting with excitement. He introduced himself to them and we headed out. Now my children are a bunch of chatterboxes and they can drive me crazy with all the talking. Jason, however, didn't seem to mind and joined in their conversation; and when my youngest started asking him questions, he gladly answered.

An awesome day

I exhaled when we arrived at the beach. We found a spot and set up. I kept looking at Jason to see if he was uncomfortable or seemed uneasy, but he seemed fine. They ran off into the water after receiving safety instructions. My eldest was sitting in his wheelchair and Jason helped him get into the beach chair. I heard him asking if he wanted to go swimming, but he declined. My eldest doesn't warm up to people so quickly, so I knew that if he even wanted to go in, he wouldn't tell Jason. It was then that I took him and we headed into the water with Jason behind us. At 13 years old, he wasn't light, but I always found strength for him. Sometimes it amazes me, because I can't lift certain things but I can carry this young man.

While in the water, Jason took him from me and guided him while he tried to swim. I was truly impressed with Jason. My children were a handful and he handled them for the better part of four hours and never once complained. We ate, talked, played, and when the kids looked like they were about to drop down from exhaustion, he took us home.

I thanked him for taking us out and he responded by saying "anytime". When we got inside, I asked my children if they enjoyed their morning and they all wanted to know when we were going back. They fell asleep soon after, and I called Jason again to say thanks. He said he was tired and really enjoyed the morning with my family. Well, I was glad he had, and at least we had gotten that out of the way.

I give him five stars for the day and I am looking forward to our lunch date on Monday.