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Love after death

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

Finding love is never easy, but when it comes to losing that special partner, one has to wonder what it is like trying to find love the second time around.

Francine Young was married for only two years when she lost the love of her life, Roy Young. The two met while she was in high school and the rest is history. They had three children and lived together for some time before they tied the knot shortly after she became a Christian. Then tragedy struck. She received a call at almost midnight from the police saying that her husband was in the hospital.

"They said that he had been shot and he was at the hospital. I was so shocked initially, I did not even react," she said. But this only lasted for a short moment because, a few minutes later, the police called to say he had passed. Young admitted that she was hysterical after she came to terms with the initial loss and realised that Roy was gone.

Now 14 years later, Young has not found a replacement for her Roy, but she is open-minded about finding that connection with someone again. It was not easy to come back to this frame of mind for Young. First, it took her four years to consider even dating.

"I could not let him go initially. A friend even came over and saw that I still had up our wedding photos. They told me that I was not going to find anyone if I keep comparing everyone to him," said Young. She admitted that it was hard to do that since she had been with him for so long and they grew together, and he was someone that she really loved and he truly understood her even when she was cranky. But after so many years, she is now able to move on.

What she had to accept is that moving on did not mean that she did not love him, but what she yearns for is companionship. Now she is not looking for another Roy Young, but rather finding someone else that she connects with that she can go to plays with and talk to. She is yet to find that person, because dating is hard because Roy still stands in the gap.

While Young is still searching, Gilbert Morgan has found his second wife, Yvonne Hardy-Morgan, after losing the first. He was married to his first wife, Hyacinth Morgan, for 40 years before she passed away. She was the love of his life and, unlike Young, he could not go back to talking about the loss.

"I have moved away from it, but it is a place that still hurts, and talking about her death is not something that I do," said Morgan.

However, he found his second bride, Hardy-Morgan, a few years after the loss of his first. He initially had no intention to remarry, but like Young, he missed the companionship. There was something missing out of his life, he needed someone to spend time with, especially during the nights when he was alone.

It was not something that he went and did on a whim. He did not just chose the first available woman. He sought divine intervention. After thinking about it and praying, he believes that he got the stamp of approval. He has been married over two years now, and is a senior citizen getting a second chance at love; a chance that many hope to experience even once.