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From College to Marriage: The Reid's love story

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The couple sharing a loving embrace as husband and wife.
The bridesmaids accompanied by the flower girl.
From left: Phillip Reid, Damion Reid, Rohan Ritchie, Sean Reid and best man Kemar James, the glowing bride and groom, Crystal Allen, Tavia Deliseer, Sudicka Reid, Selena Reid and maid of honour Monique King.
The groom gathers and grabs his wife's bridal train as she lures him to follow her into forever.
The bride, Patrice Bingham-Reid, holds on to her groom and the love of her life, Kemar Reid

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

It is often said that high-school sweethearts are the most memorable. But for Patrice Bingham, it was college romance that made the greatest impact in her finding love that would last a lifetime.

Bingham met her husband, Kemar Reid, on the first day of school at the University of the West Indies. She recalled to Flair that going up a flight of stairs she saw this "dark chocolate" guy trailing her movements. For some reason she noted that the look he gave her felt different, special even. But she wrote it off as being all in her head.

On the second day during hall orientations, she found herself seated beside the same guy with the stare from the day before. "We spoke throughout the entire session and, as fate would have it, walked to the same faculty we were enrolled in," she revealed.

The then CARIMAC student discovered that her beau to be was a philosophy major. Surprisingly, they had a lot to talk about, as he shared similar academic interests. She found out that Reid's media dreams were hindered by his fruitless results in the entry exams. Bingham thought that this was all too coincidental, as though they were supposed to have met. She took this as a sign of great things to come.

Best Friends

The two became very close friends and would get together as often as they could. He easily turned her frown into a smile, came to her rescue during some trying times and was one, if not the only reason for her new-found happiness. As their friendship grew, one day, over their routine lunch, Reid finally mustered the nerve to ask her to be his girlfriend. Of course, she did not hesitate.

It wasn't always a bed of roses for the happy couple, and they broke up twice.

Unexpected proposal

Two years of bliss followed the reunion after their last separation, and Reid had something big up his sleeve. In front of family at home and abroad via Skype, he announced her as his wife-to-be, declaring also that he knew he loved her the second day he saw her. A shocked Bingham cried and screamed before finally saying yes. That was the beginning of their forever.

Wedding Planning

From December 2013 to June 2014, they set about planning their perfect day. Finding the right wedding dress seemed to have been the most problematic, but they both prayed about it and the Lord saw them through, blessing them bountifully with help from all directions.

Loving Ceremony and Reception

On a summer's evening, Patrice Bingham met Kemar Reid down the aisle, and in front of close family and friends said their I Dos and declared their unconditional love for each other in a colourful spectacle of aqua, lavender, silver, fuchsia and purple - since Reid was a member of the Kingston College alumni.

The Edge of Glory Guest House in Bridgeport, Portmore, St Catherine, later saw over 150 of their guests eagerly awaiting their arrival. Fun games coupled with stories of love, friendship and support, and bouts of laughter filled the air, all captured forever in pictures.