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Erase hair damage

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

This summer was filled with parties galore. With that came the very extravagant hairdos to match the very extravagant occasions; and the ladies, of course, pulled out all the stops to achieve these looks - from adding hair extensions, to colour highlights, to braids and the use of general styling products that clog and damage hair. There was a wave of exotic hairdos that only Jamaican women would dare to rock.

Now the summer is over, the glamorous hairdos are gone and what many are left with is damaged hair. The focus then turns to. How do I repair the damage? There are no overnight fixes for damaged hair, but there are some products that are designed specifically to rebuild the hair strand from root to tip. One such product line is the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser, distributed locally by Pioneer Manufacturing and Distribution Company Ltd.

The various styling products used, for example relaxers and hair colours, contain chemicals that change the very structure and shape of the hair strand, leaving it vulnerable to breakage. Everyday styling with the use of a flat iron and hairdryer also causes damage to hair over time. Even overexposure to the sun can cause hair to dry out and break off, if it is not treated. Fortunately, most forms of hair damage can be reversed with the correct hair treatment. The Damage Eraser product line provides an easy, inexpensive, do-it-yourself solution to do so. Made with Phyto-Keratin complex, containing plant-based proteins and active fruit concentrate, and cupuacu butter with natural lipids, these active ingredients work in two ways to strengthen and rejuvenate hair. It reconstructs and repairs hair strands from within and it protects hair from future damage.

tell-tale sign

Overlooking the early signs of damaged hair, hoping that it will go away on its own, is a big mistake. Left untreated, those damages can lead to more serious and permanent hair problems. An early and very common tell-tale sign of damaged hair is split ends. This occurs when large areas of the cuticles have split away, revealing the middle layer of the hair known as the cortex. The damage becomes really severe when the split runs all the way back up the hair shaft causing the cortex to burst right out of the hair. Without the cortex, the strongest layer of the hair, strands simply begin to break off. The Damage Eraser split end leave-in treatment, used with the Damage Eraser shampoo and conditioner will work to rebuild the hair strand like new.

But as ole time Jamaican people would say, "prevention is better than cure". The best advice, therefore, is to avoid doing the things that cause hair damage. Here are a few quick and easy tips:

Do not wash your hair daily, once or twice per week is enough.

Avoid holding the hairdryer directly against your hair while styling.

Use heat protection spray when using flat or curling irons.

Advise your hairdresser of any chemicals you have recently applied to your hair before relaxing or adding colour.

Trim hair ends from time to time - once per month on average

Avoid combing hair tightly in the same style (such as a ponytail) for an extended period of time, as this can lead to traction alopecia.

Moisturise your hair twice per week on average.

Remember, our hair is a part of what makes us beautiful as women; we have to take better care.

The Damage Eraser hair-care line can be found in major pharmacies and select supermarkets islandwide.