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Lana Forbes' 40lb challenge

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Lana Forbes (left), director sales and service, Scotia Insurance, listens as dietitian Beverley Anthony explains how the pedometer works. Forbes recently consulted Anthony for pantry remodelling to meet her dietary and fitness goals. Contributed

With a hectic schedule that sees her managing sales and service at Scotia Insurance, it is understandably challenging for Lana Forbes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But now the senior manager is on a journey to lose 40 pounds by Christmas. Forbes' weight-loss goal coincides with Scotia Insurance's Slim It to Win It Challenge, a campaign for Scotiabank employees to collectively shed 12,500 pounds from June to September, and adopt healthier lifestyles. The bank's programme is in support of the Medical Association of Jamaica's Healthy Population initiative launched in April.

Forbes, who is using the challenge as a springboard to wellness, consulted noted dietitian Beverley Anthony for advice on remodelling her pantry to include more nutritious supplies. Anthony advises, "A healthy lifestyle change is needed to lose weight naturally rather than going on fad diets which allow you to drop several pounds which you regain quickly because you starve yourself."

She advised Forbes to eat leaner cuts of meats, drink low-fat soy and almond milk and incorporate a variety of peas in her diet. The dietitian added that, "It is also good to include ground provisions and whole grains which contain fibre."

Forbes, who has lost 10 pounds since she began the challenge in mid-June, confessed that for her, eating out is both inevitable and convenient. However, she can still maintain her diet while on the road. Anthony suggests that she eat more grilled foods and also choose restaurants which provide more wholesome options, such as salads, wraps and fruit smoothies.

In her plans to actualise her weight-loss goal, Forbes has committed to remodelling her diet, and supplementing that with a consistent workout regime. In addition to her regular exercise schedule, Forbes has implemented measures to ensure that she is always on the go. "Instead of calling my colleagues or emailing them, I walk to their offices to converse with them and I walk more frequently to the water cooler to meet my daily required intake of eight glasses." Anthony has also given Forbes a pedometer to track her steps, which should be at least 10,000 each day. "I really hope that with a modified pantry, and all these tips I've received along with a steady workout plan, I will achieve my goal just in time for the Christmas celebrations," Forbes tells Flair with a grin.

Health Tips from Dietician Beverley Anthony:

Eat three fruits per day.

Replace white wine with red wine.

Avoid staples cooked with butter or oil.

Limit the number of teaspoons of sugar to six per day.

Thirst can be misinterpreted as hunger, so drink at least eight glasses of water daily.