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Oi man, tun it dung likkle nuh?!

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

You remember one of those radio stations used to have a sound clip that said something like "this music should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area"?

Music is definitely a pick-me-up or a way to help keep a happy mood going. Many runners will tell you that the right song at about the time after your legs and lungs have had enough can carry you another kilometre or so, whether on the treadmill or out on the open road. But one of the many pet peeves I have in life, is to be walking or driving along, alone in my thoughts, only to have those thoughts drowned out by the music blaring from someone's car speakers. Now, I'm all for people listening to their music. It's a democratic right. But you do not have the right to disturb me to those lengths.

And this doesn't just go for secular music. Oh no, the gospel songs don't get a pass here either. While the sweet strains of a song promising better days are coming by and are by far more palatable than a DJ voicing his intention to 'dagger' the young woman who lives next door, it doesn't mean you need to deafen everyone else with them either.

Of course, the problem is that for some people, it doesn't matter how loud the religious stuff is, it's okay because of the message. Ahm, no! What's good for the goose, should also apply to the gander. Same thing applies to people's yards. If you're listening to your tunes or whatever else in your room, that's great. But when mi can't hear my TV cause a it, we have a problem.

And it's not only with the car stereos or home-theatre systems. It's branched off into the handheld devices, too. Because of technological advances in providing sound, even the most minuscule of phones can churn out some unbelievably (and disturbingly) loud music. I swear there have been times when I thought a car was coming around the corner when it really was just a man on his bicycle with a couple of Bluetooth speakers. Volume 'tun up' wicked! By the way, why all the gadget people decide they have to make things louder? Aren't they loud enough already?

Many a co-worker has had small objects thrown at them because they are rocking away to music under their ear/headphones and not realising people have been trying to get their attention for the past five minutes. But I can live with that, because I'm not disturbed by whatever you're listening to (unless I'm your boss, and then I might find it annoying). So rock away to your own beats, enjoy your music to your heart's and ears' content.

And if the building is burning to the ground and you don't realise, I will tap you on the shoulder. Lata.

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