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Rethink pink. Support breast cancer awareness

Published:Monday | October 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Ashawni epitomises confidence. His bright-coloured pink pants and aqua shirt (from Grandeur) are a perfect fit with the floral bow tie and pocket square (from Male Ego).
Easy like Sunday morning, Jerome's sky-blue shirt complements the geometrical print shorts from Grandeur.
Talk about fitted! Alwin is showing off his well-built body in this Male Ego rose-pink shirt and navy pants from Grandeur.
Mixing stripes and print, Alwin confidently wears a multicoloured shirt, courtesy of Male Ego, along with his tailored grey suit.
Baby or hot, choose your pink. Ashawni (left) opts for the baby-pink Polo shirt (Male Ego) while Jerome chooses the hot pink V-neck to go with navy pants (from Grandeur).

Krysta Anderson • Lifestyle Writer

Many assume that breast cancer is only limited to women, and the idea of supporting the cause by wearing pink should also be restricted to the fairer sex. Well, both views could not be further from the truth. And while it may not be popularly publicised, there are cases of men going through this life-altering medical condition.

In honouring this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we decided to show support by approaching the fashion aspect of it, with a twist.

With a wide range of options, from pastel to baby pink, rose to a deep pink, polka dots, or just solid and bold, it is almost too easy to discover your true shade and style. So men, what are you waiting for? Take control, step out of your comfort zone and rethink the way they see pink.

For your viewing pleasure or visual aid, courtesy of Grandeur Male Ego, and the beautiful Terra Nova All Suite Hotel, Flair has provided fashion tips on how to reveal your perfect pink.

Shoot Credits:

Creative director: Randy Bowman

Creative assistant: Krysta Anderson

Photographer: Brian McCalla

Models: Ashawni Stewart, Alwin Danvers and Jerome Bryce

Wardrobe: Grandeur and Male Ego

Location: The Terra Nova All Suite Hotel