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Ferrari did what?

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM

If you never get di call, dawg nyameth thy supper!

Well not really, especially if you weren?t in the running to begin with. You see, according to CNNMoney and other websites, Italian auto company Ferrari is making six copies of its concept the Ferrari Sergio.

The twist to this level of exclusivity is that you would only get one after dem invite you to buy it! So yuh coulda have two dollar inna yuh purse, it nuh matter. Ferrari, and don?t ask me what the criteria entail, literally picked, chose and refused who they wanted to get one. Many were not called, and even fewer were chosen!

Naturally, because is only me and you don?t have any money in this world, the six a dem done sell already. The lucky invited will get their vehicles in 2015. Mi know seh Ferrari did call me enuh, but mi phone did a gi problem. So it go.

Seriously, the company said loyal customers of Ferrari were the recipients of the envied invitations, so poor mi wid a ?deportee? car neva stand a chance. But you know what really stress me more than anything else? All dem people who was waiting for the call from Ferrari, a same so some pickney a Africa, India and other countries a hope somebody wi call and offer fi send dem a school, get dem an education and try put some food pon dem table. The difference is while the rich folks will die figuratively if they don?t get their precious car, the poor folks will die literally. Worl? really nuh level.

By the way, the heights of foolishness is that the engineers haven?t quite figured out exactly how the car is going to look. A wha dis faada! So you?re telling me there?s the possibility they might not even like the finished product. Okay, let?s say Ferrari updates them every few weeks on the progress. Sounds plausible? But what if not all of the six like the design? Make four one way, and the other two the next? Or maybe there?s an understanding that once you got the call, you work with whatever they come up with? Any way you take it, it comes back to one thing: foolishness! Now, by the way, the price of the car has not been determined (or published?) yet. Needless to say, each one is going to be in the millions. Fi a car that most likely can?t hold two people good? Give me a break.

Okay, quick one to add in. Mi nah call nuh name, but every time yuh hear foolishness and it becomes worldwide news, blame the readers/listeners/viewers. If dem did kiss dem teeth and move on, whatever the story is, it dies. When the response jumps through the roof, even if it?s a non-story, media houses kind of need to run wid it. They got bills to pay too. Lata!

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