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Krysta Weighs In: Embracing those baby steps

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

Every relationship goes through its rough patches, and this was the case in the love affair I have had with health and fitness. Just joining me? Well I have covered quite a bit. I began trotting on my road to good health in February and, since then, I have been making my own personal strides towards becoming a healthier person.

The period between September and October have by far been my absolute worst in maintaining a balance. And the attempts to achieve the unthinkable have been unsuccessful. Whatever happens around you will be sure to positively or negatively affect your eating habits and exercise regime. Let's address the matter of fitness.

Last time I checked in, I was recovering from the infamous chikungunya virus and it was difficult for me to dedicate 100 per cent to my workouts. That has not changed. Every single old injury that I have ever had, (and that is a lot, since I was a dancer before I became a journalist) has magically reappeared and have become new injuries - only in the gym.

Now, just imagine having bad knees, lower back pain, issues with the heel of my feet, my ankles and wrists, and the dear groin. This was definitely mission impossible for my trainer, Shawn 'Xavier' Gray. But like a superhero, he remained confident. Working around it, he quickly came to my rescue the minute I cried in pain, and altered the routine. And when I am unable to go to gym due to circumstances beyond my control, I take matters into my own hands and conducted my own gym at home.

I love the fact that he is focusing on losing those inches, along with cardio, so the 'Coca-Cola bottle shape' is on its way.

Food was pretty much the same story. Stress came from all angles and with my absence from work due to the illness, it was hard to refocus. Comfort eating, which I had previously kicked to the curb, slowly resurfaced. The second, however, that I was caught in the heinous act, I called a technical, gave myself a red card, and took myself out of the game of guilty pleasures. Luckily, I have never resorted to eating the way I did before I began this feat.

Now that the mind has finally settled, so has the body, and the healthy eating, for the most part, is back in play with the chance of relapsing retreating deep into the abyss of oblivion.

On a side note, I hold my health and fitness journey in high regard, but sometimes life gets in the way and it is put on the back burner, but it is always cooking. I am happy for what I have accomplished, so far, and it is something that I have no intention of rushing, because I have been down that road before, and I am in no need of a quick fix. A firm believer in stability, I intend to treat myself every now and then, but fight to the very finish on 'Team Healthy'.

I don't consider the value of what I've learned to be reflected only in my weight, but in the way I operate on a day-to-day basis - cutting down and resisting temptation and slaying my workouts. Nor do I let it (my weight) define my confidence or beauty - those were always there. I just aspire to be fitter, healthier and stronger and so those will reveal themselves in due course.

Tune in next time, where maybe, just maybe (my worst nightmare), I will actually weigh in on my ideal weight.