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A shot at true love: the Kellys' story... the Kellys' story

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM
First dance as husband and wife.
A dapper groom gone rustic.
The loving couple, Mr and Mrs Kelly.
Superbride: Up, up and away! Superbrides have all the fun.
Supergroom: Everybody wants a piece of the Supergroom.
Super bridal party: Ladies with their super capes and gentlemen in their super shirts. From left: Charles Taylor (Flash), Amber-Gail Grandison, Groom Alano (Superman), Bride Camille, Brian Gordon (Green lantern), Shanae Marks Bryan, Bestman Kachieffe Griffiths (Batman) and Matron-of-honour Georgia Marks-Doman.
The bridal entourage. From left: Shanae Marks Bryan, Brian Gordon, best man Kachieffe Griffiths, ring boy Stewart Minnot, groom and bride, matron of honour Georgia Marks-Doman, Charles Tayl and Amber-Gail Grandison. Contributed Photos
The Bride's family (from left): Peter James (uncle), Donna Marie Robinson (aunt), the couple, Patricia Snow-Young (aunt) and Patrick Clarke (uncle).
The Groom's family (from left): Tabata Gordon (sister), Agnes Peters (mother), the couple, Rayan Gordon (brother), Margorie Gordon (sister) and Brian Gordon (brother).
The couple participating in the 'Hand-fastening ceremony' From left: Bride Camille, ceremony reader Georgia Marks-Doman, pastor Dr Donovan Thomas and groom Alano.
Teary-eyed bride Camille walking down the aisle with her father, George Marks.
The bride with her ladies in waiting. From left: Matron of honour Georgia Marks-Doman (bride's sister), Bride Camille Marks Kelly, Shanae Marks Bryan (bride's sister) and Amber-Gail Grandison (bride's cousin).
Beautiful bride, Camille, waiting on the big moment.

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

Camille Marks and Alano Kelly were the winners of the Gleaner's Create Your Cover, held at the Jamaica Ultimate Wedding Expo held in April of this year.

Each couple had to pose with their choice of Gleaner props, and after several couples had their 'pose off', Kelly and Marks received the most likes on our Facebook page, winning a four-page wedding spread in the Flair Magazine. Here is their fabulous spread and love story.

Many men search a lifetime to find the woman of their dreams, while women wait around patiently for the perfect man. For a few, however, their significant other - hidden within a wonderful friendship is magically unveiled and the rest is blissful matrimonial history.

This was the case for Camille Carol Caedi-ann Marks and Alano Stefano Kelly, who met by chance at Marks' sister's office in 2009. Kelly had worked alongside the sister and both were introduced when Marks made a visit. On that day, she noted, he was nothing more than an acquaintance, but Kelly saw so much more in her.

Like a moth to a flame, Kelly was attracted to Marks' 'million-dollar smile', and his instant reaction was to smile right back. He left that initial encounter thinking that she was cute, hoping that she was not as eccentric as her sister.

They would later catch up at the work gym, where, this time, the conversation progressed beyond hello. They both realised that they shared similar interests, but were limited to friendship because they were both in a relationship with other partners.

Sisterly Love

The sister who once played cupid in the introduction struck again, and this time, it was at the movies. Marks explained, "My two sisters and I wanted to go to the movies for their '2-for-1' special, and without me knowing, Alano was invited to be the fourth. At this point, my sister encouraged me to swap numbers with him as she thought, "he would be a good friend to have". He already has a woman so you wouldn't have to worry about any discomfort where that is concerned," her sister had told her.

Kelly, she revealed, was great, "We laughed at the same jokes, liked the same movies and music and could always find something to talk about."

Single Again

Single again was a song that they were both singing a few months later. They spoke online all the time, but refrained from taking it a step further since it was just too soon for them. All that changed in February 2010, when they went hiking together with her sister in the Bue Mountains. "Alano and I got lost in the darkness of the night only to be guided back to the cabin by a white dog we dubbed 'Mountain Pup', who no one else on the hike said they saw - spooky. In that experience, I felt so safe even as we walked along precipices, on sharp rocks, in pitch darkness. I was with Alano and I'd be okay."

By April, Kelly invited Marks to a weekend trip with his friends to Ocho Rios. She suspected that he was probably testing her out on his friends, but she didn't want to read anything into a fun-filled weekend, and instead basked in the moment.

Three Big Words

Then one day, while at the hairdresser getting all dolled up, Marks received a surprising message during a conversation from Kelly saying "I Love You". That message spoke volumes, shattering the prospect of friendship, and opening a new world of a relationship for two.

They decided to go all out and seal the deal with a romantic dinner. Their friendship had evolved in July of 2010 and became the background to their lasting union.

The proposal

Four years later, with a new house to boot, they decided to advance to the next chapter of their lives - happily ever after. On December 2013, to celebrate their anniversary, they returned to where they had their first date. After dinner, he started talking about their relationship, then the waiter came with the dessert bowl. In it, a white gold and diamond ring sat, glistening in all its glory. She recalled the play by play of the proposal, "He looked at me and asked, "Well?" waiting for an answer. I looked at him smiling, from ear to ear, "What's the question?" Shocked, he slowly, sweetly and softly said: "Will you marry me?" I quickly stretched across the table and shouted: "Yes!"."

Marks' sisters again came to the rescue, working with the actively involved couple to plan the wedding of their dreams. In no time, everything just fell right into place.

The Wedding

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, with clear blue skies, a scene of pink and red was set. Waiting outside the University of the West Indies Mona Chapel was a nervous yet beautiful bride, while inside stood a confident and eager groom, awaiting his wife-to-be. Marks clutched her father's arm and her bouquet and proceeded to walk down the aisle to meet the love of her life. Overcome by emotions, tears of joy streamed down her cheeks, the groom got teary-eyed just staring at her beauty.

The wedding was described by both as simply beautiful, and they were both particularly proud of their hand-fastening ceremony. At the end of the ceremony the two were ushered out with Bruno Mars' Marry you.

Their innovative bridal pictures were taken on the lawns of the university, where the bride poised with elegance was rescued in love by her superman. They were accompanied by sidekicks and supporting ladies.

The reception, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, seemingly went by in a flash. From toasts and poems, to the regular activities of cake cutting, the couple's reply, garter/bouquet throwing, they closed off the enchanting night with their first dance as husband and wife.