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RW Ps&Qs

Published:Monday | November 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

This Friday, three cities in Jamaica come alive for the 10th anniversary of the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week (RW). So while we go out enjoying the delectable fare with friends, family or significant others, we still need to be on our Ps and Qs to make it an enjoyable time, not only for us but for other diners as well. Here are a few dating tips to keep you on your toes during this year's delectable week of dining.

1. If it's a date, men please offer to open the door and pull out her chair.

Let her know you are pleased to spend the night with her. If you picked her up, open the car door for her - not reaching across and pushing the door open, but going around to the passenger side and opening her door. It will go a far way. Also, remember to pull out that chair for her. It is a gesture that seems to be forgotten but one that many women would love.

Note: There are a few women that would like to open their own door and pull out their own chair, which is OK. So if that happens to be stated, please respect it.

2. Dress appropriately

If you put some thought into your appearance and dress appropriately, it makes for a better night for you and your guest. No one will be distracted thinking what did you wear! Instead, the focus will be on your food and your companion.

3. Do not order for her unless she asks you to.

This is an annoying habit for many women. We are not children and sometimes we want to try something different and ordering for us is a complete turn-off, especially if it is something we do not like. Let us decide what it is we would like to eat. If we get overwhelmed by the great options, we will solicit your expertise.

4. Dinner conversation - some things are off limits.

When it comes to dinner conversations, you need to remember that you are eating. No one needs to hear about something gross. Please understand that this is a dinner, not some episode of House or Grey's Anatomy, so bodily functions are off limits.

Your exes are also off limits. This is a time to enjoy a meal, not the negatives of the past.

5. No elbows on the table please.

Many of us seem to have forgotten this simple premise. Regardless of the setting, elbows on the table are in no way acceptable.

6. Your bread plate is on the left.

If you are dining at a Epicurean, Delectable or Savoury category, please remember your bread plate is on your left. Do not start eating from the person's on the right. We know that when you are right-handed the dish on you right might feel closer and natural, but that is incorrect.

7. You start from the outside in with utensils.

When your are sitting at a table with multiple utensils, its easy to be overwhelmed and not sure which one to use. The simple rule of thumb is to start from the outside, and your dessert utensil will be at the top - fork if it is a cake and a spoon is for ice cream, if that is your sweet treat of choice. It is simple, just take a deep breath and enjoy your meal.

8. Ask before sticking your fork in their food.

Yes, I know that after your friends food may look more appetising than yours and you may feel comfortable enough with them to feel it's acceptable to reach across and dig in, but it's not. You ask and get their approval.

9. Keep the noise level down.

We know hanging out in the company of those you enjoy most can be a lot of fun, but please remember you are in public. We know how funny your friends can be, but please be thoughtful of other diners and keep your noise level down. It's more fun when everyone can enjoy the same space.