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Chik-V tips from a victim

Published:Monday | November 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

Many of us have had the chikungunya virus and while the number of persons contracting the illness have dropped, victims of the disease are still coping with the side effects. It will take some time before we start to feel like ourselves again. Not fully recovered, I still suffer from the joint pains.

During the initial stage of my illness, there were a few things that helped me that I would like to share. So here are a few tips on how to cope with chik-v:

1. Rest

When you get the disease this is the first instruction you are given. I was one that pushed it initially. I was feeling symptoms and felt I could work through the pain. However, your body has a way of making you know that it is in charge and shuts down. So I recommend that before it shuts down on you, stop. There are incidents of people that have fainted because they thought they were well enough to go back to their daily life. Take it easy, and rest; this is not the flu that you can 'sweat out'.

2. Take Your Medication

Medications are something that many of us hate to take, including myself. With each prescription, I would take the medications until I felt better and then stop. Do not try this with chikungunya. Your rash might return and your immune system might crash.

3. Follow doctor's instructions

We should always follow our doctor's instructions but we know that is easier said than done. However, this is not the sickness that you should play with. First, go to the doctor to confirm that you have contracted the virus. After which, do as you are instructed.

4. Drink dried 'bizzy' or kola nut

Well, I am going to admit that I did not do this one. Anything that I think might taste bad I do not try eating, no matter how good they might be for me, but I have testimonials from my colleagues and friends that this does work very well for the stubborn rashes.

5. Do not bathe in cold water

Now, once the fever is gone and the rash is present, avoid cold water. This causes the rash to itch uncontrollably.

6. Take your vitamins

If there was any a time you would need your vitamins it would be now, after the main symptoms have ended. This illness breaks down your immune system and leaves you feeling weak and weary even after you believe that the virus is done. The only thing that you can take to strengthen your immune system is your vitamins. My doctor had recommended iron to give me that boost of energy and vitamin C to help build my immune system. If you take nothing else, take the vitamin C because this virus leaves you vulnerable to any other illness that might be going around.

7. Try to eat in spite of

You might lose your appetite even after the medication is finished but you have to start rebuilding your energy.

8. Still use repellent

Not because the disease has passed means that you should leave yourself open to these pests; please protect yourself and others and use a repellent.