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Down south hospitality

Published:Monday | November 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

It is said that the best way to a young man's heart is through his stomach. So it is no wonder women go out of their way to make tasty gastronomical delights to please their men. But how much attention do we pay to body parts that appeal to both their senses of smell and taste.

A combination of our natural scents, the food we eat and the way we care for our bodies could significantly contribute to the overall aroma and flavour of the centre of our femininity.

So ladies, let's see if we can make a sweet treat out of you. Here are a few tips for how you can get down south more hospitable for your male guest of honour.

Clean wash

This may seem like stating the obvious, but just for the record, that private, sensitive area needs to be washed thoroughly at least twice per day. Ensure the soap used is gentle by nature or if possible use an intimate wash instead.

Wax it up

A waxed vagina is not only visually attractive, but it is also great for reducing sweat in the pubic area, which can cause an undesirable smell. So, place waxing at the top of your hygienic to-do list.

Wet wipes investment

They say wet wipe is gentle on the skin, but it also can assist in decreasing the chance of vaginal and urinary tract infections. Added bonus: the scent after using it will leave you clean and restored, so keep those wet wipes close and use after each trip at the bathroom.

Say it, don't spray it

It's all good that you want your inner lady to smell fresh, but adding a fragrance - say a perfume - into the mix may tip it over the scale to unfavourable, because the alcohol involved in making these artificial or seemingly fruity fragrances are harmful to such a sensitive area. Let your naturally clean scent speak for itself without any necessary additives.

Air clear

Try to keep your secret treasure as clear as possible by giving it some breathing space. Yes, we all love to impress with seductive lingerie and underwear, but confine that to just the bedroom, since those down south selections breed dampness which, in turn, causes bacteria. Make cotton panties your best friends for comfort and security against risky side effects.

Don't eat what you love. Love what you should eat

What you eat significantly affects your inner aromas. Foods used to cook such as garlic, asparagus and onions which naturally give off a bad scent will reflect down under. Some meats, beer, coffee, spicy foods also produce the same effects. While fresh foods, like green vegetables and fruits with natural sugars, such as pineapples, cranberry juice, grapes and watermelon will shape your scent to be that of a refreshingly sweet one. Yogurt, honey and almond is a good combination for taking your delicate scent to new-found, palatable heights.

Trick and treat

The trick to keeping your inner love healthy is by treating it. Check in with your doctor regularly to find out just what may be causing a slight odour down under. And if you see the signs - itching, irregular discharge, etc - don't ignore it.

Care for a dip?

And last but not least, you could attempt to dip it. There's an old wives' tale which says if a clean tampon is first dipped in unsweetened and plain yogurt and then placed in the vagina for an hour, this results in sparkling bliss. It is said that in doing this, the healthy yogurt will go in a battle with the unhealthy bacteria located inside the area and ultimately win the fight against distasteful odour. So if you care to have a dip, feel free to do so.

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