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My Chick Mondays: Men's Edition

Published:Monday | November 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photo Credit: E Harrigan Photography Sara Lawrence
Photo Credit: E Harrigan Photography Sara Lawrence

Where there is MCM for the women, there is

a MCM for the gents.

For this month's Me's Edition, Flair has decided to provide male readers with a little eye candy for themselves.

She won over the hearts of Jamaica in 2006 at the Miss Jamaica World pageant. Since then, she has gone on to pursue her dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Now an official practitioner in her craft, her beauty, intellect, elegance and grace has landed her as the face of the veterans in hair care, L'Oreal, and mobile giant LIME.

Couple that with her genuinely down-to-earth personality and warm 'million dollar' smile, and she is truly irresistible. So, for #flairmcm, My Chick Mondays, this week, we introduce to you the lovely Sara Lawrence.

Name: Sara Grace Lawrence

Age: 29ish, okay I turned 30 yesterday. *Happy Birthday to me*

Occupation: Medical doctor, L'Oreal paris regional ambassador for Caribbean, LIME Jamaica brand ambassador

Hobbies: Zumba ... I wish I had time to do more things.

Relationship status: Happy *wink*

Best asset: My huge forehead ... it's also a weapon *joke*. Physically, I would probably say my dimples, while personality-wise, I'm pretty rootsy and can get along with everyone from all walks of life.

How do you manage to stay fit? I have a personal trainer at Spartan Health Club and I also do Zumba at Chai.

What is your ideal date? I am a very appreciative person, so anything that took even an ounce of effort is fine by me. The date just has to involve laughing and a nice bottle of wine.

What are the qualities that appeal to you in a man? There is nothing more appealing than a man who is secure, confident and caring. A must-have for me is a sense of humour: he needs to be my little getaway from my hectic life, not a source of stress.

What's your favourite food? I'm such a 'wanga gut', I can't choose just one ... . I love jerk (healthy and full of flavour), especially jerk pork, and give me bread pudding any day!

What's the expression(s) you use the most? "If ah laugh ah dead today."

And, finally, do you have any tattoos or additional piercing? No tattoos, but I did pierce my nose.

And there you have it. Lawrence, the first of the fair ladies to be featured, has officially been crowned the queen of the My Chick Monday series. Share your comments with us at