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Tailored right by Spokes Apparel

Published:Monday | November 24, 2014 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
Blue silk blazer and floral cotton shirt paired with light grey wool trousers. Look accessorised with magenta tie and gingham pocket square.
Chocolate brown leather blazer paired with black knitted shirt and denim pants.
Contributed Photo Blue, black and white Gingham sports blazer paired with navy blue wool trousers and matching vest. Outfit is accented by red plaid flannel bowtie and silk pocket piece.
Contributed Photo Light grey Cashmere sports blazer paired with a white French cuff shirt and charcoal wool trousers. Outfit is accented by black silk tie and wool pocket piece.
Contributed Photo Charcoal pepper seed blazer accessorised with satin elbow patch, paired with blue and white French cuff peach skin shirt, wool vest and twill wine red trousers. Look is further accented with plaid silk tie and polka dot pocket piece.

'Tis the most fashionable time of the year and as the party season kicks off, Flair would like to help men put some spirit in their wardrobe. In other words, add some colour and pattern while still keeping a macho vibe. Here are our tips to get you in the groove:

First, forget all you were once told

Today, men's fashion is more relaxed, and the pieces from designers such as Dexter Huxtable of Spokes Apparel often mirrors that. It is now fashionable to mix and match prints and patterns; bold, bright colours; textures; etc.

Know your body type and what fits

I'm sorry, but not every man can and should wear a slim fit suit. It is best

suited for tall, slender men. A modern fit will work for those with a little more 'meat'. At the same time, please ensure you can breathe. For your shirt, there should be enough room to put one finger between your neck and the collar. If more than one fits, your shirt is too big. For your

jacket with shoulder pads, as the name suggests, they end at the shoulders. Anywhere else is a misfit. As for the length of your pants, those should break at the top of your shoes.

A little colour never hurts

There's currently an increase in the kaleidoscope of men's ensembles and we women love it. Ultimately, your outfit should

be an extension of your

personality, and if you are energetic and adventurous, why not show it in your clothes? For example, if the bridesmaids' dresses are a version of lilac, a light purple tie or pocket square can help tie the entire group together in an inconspicuous way. Since grey is a popular suit colour, and considered a 'neutral', you can add almost any colour as an accent. Get used to the idea of making a statement and creating your own look as the days of just greys and blacks are long gone.

Here are a few trending designs

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