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Making Her Flawless

Published:Sunday | November 30, 2014 | 11:37 PMJody-Anne Lawrence
Contributed Photo March gave this bride lashes for days and perfectly applied blush makes this bride a picture of perfection. .
Contributed Photo This bride looks to heaven while they look down in awe at her glowing beauty.
Contributed Photo Paul March airbrushing this bride to ensure that she remains flawless throughout the day.
Contributed Photo March ensured this bride got a flawless finish.. Her bold eyes, natural blush and natural lips made her picture perfect.

Brides are queens and princesses for the day and they want to look perfect and flawless on this important day.

When it comes to bridal make up, every bride wants to look flawless so its best to put this responsibility in the hands of a professional.

Make-Up Artist Paul March is no stranger to doing bridal make up. He is well aware of aware of all the emotions they are experiencing, and he likes being their therapist-the one who calms them and gets them ready for their picture perfect moment.

When it comes to the bride March's method of choice is airbrushing. He always airbrushes his brides so that she has that clean spotless and durable look that will last throughout the day.

"It (airbrushing) gives them a flawless, long lasting look. It also has her stand out from the bridesmaids. I use a setting spray with the airbrushing so that it seals the make-up which allows her make-up to be tears resistant,"explains March.

When it comes to what her look will be, he works with the bride's preference- a more natural look or a show stopping one. He notes that most bride's preference falls between both looks. While they want to look glamorous, they also want to look as natural as possible, and finding that middle ground is not always easy, but always attained as he wants them to look their best. Looking her best is something that a bride must accomplish on her day and here are a few that March made their day perfect.

Here are a few tips from March that brides can do to ensure that they are flawless on their wedding day:

Get a facial at least one and a half weeks before. You have to give your face some time to heal before applying the make up and if you do it less than a week before the big day, that may not be adequate.

Get your brows done two days before. Sometimes you might be doing threading or waxing which might cause some irritation or swelling, you would like this to cool down before applying make-up.

Try to get some rest. This cannot be emphasised enough. You definitely do not want any bags under your eyes on your wedding day.

Drink a lot of water so your skin is hydrated and has its own natural glow.

For the wedding day, it is recommended that brides opt for lip stains. This will last longer than traditional lipstick although reapplying might be inevitable after all the kissing and eating.

Make-Up Artist: Paul March

Contact: 840-5420