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Choosing the right MC

Published:Monday | December 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Once the pastor has done his part in uniting a man and a woman as husband and wife, the baton is then passed over to the master of ceremonies, who will lead the couple, with supporters cheering them on, in fine style all the way to the finish line with the reward manifesting itself in the form of a heavenly honeymoon.

The master of ceremonies at your wedding sets the tone for the romance-filled evening and can either make or break a newly-weds' big day.

Running the show and controlling the flow during the reception is easier said than done. With this great task comes great responsibility.

According to Petal & Promises' manager, Kara Boyne-Anderson, there are three choices to consider when selecting the right MC. These include hiring a professional, having your DJ double as your MC, or chose a family friend.

When hiring a professional, Boyne-Anderson notes, "They should have a strong and commanding voice, a pleasant and respectful demeanour, be cool under pressure, as well as be organised and work with the schedule. The professional, as the name suggests, should be just that, professional. They are there to do a job."

A common mistake that some brides complain of is that the MC does not know the couple, and throughout the entire reception, they mispronounce one or both of the parties' name. That is when option two comes into play.

A DJ can double as an MC if he or she chooses to, since the music can be used to his advantage. "While it may be a great honour for them, when you ask a guest to be an MC, it can also be a burden. It will stop that guest from having fun and relaxing because they must be conscious of timing and how things are running. They wouldn't be able to enjoy their meal and have a few drinks.

So, when in doubt, it is always best to consider a vibrant friend close to the couple, preferably two, to balance the pairing and represent both bride and groom.

As a bonus, here is a list of MC dos and don'ts:


Work with the wedding planners and coordinators as well as the venue, entertainment, photographers, videographers, etc., to ensure the whole event goes smoothly.

Ensure the introductions are done and that the speeches run on time.

Tell funny stories about the groom and bride to keep the audience warmed up in between speeches. Other than the wedding planner, they run the show during your reception. Keep the stories clean and tasteful.

Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum to maintain sobriety during the formalities.


Don't kill the atmosphere by embarrassing the bride or the groom.

Don't mess up the order of your programme by announcing dinner too early and have guests waiting while the catering staff is preparing.

Swearing is an absolute no-no, so refrain from using any expletives.